Monday, November 15, 2010

Fire Pit Folly - Part 3

It's finished. Finally! After taking 3 weeks or so off for travel and Halloween, we finished the fire pit on Friday morning last week, just in time for some weekend company :) Matt had Thursday off last week for Veteran's day so we rented a brick saw and Matt got to work cutting brick and block. I pitched in and set them after he'd cut them and believe me - it took all day. Poor Matt was out there in the cold running a brick saw which of course uses water - his hands were so raw when it was all said and done, and I tell you - 40 is no joke - I swear neither of us could stand up straight for a few hours. But - it was worth it! It's finished, and it's fabulous. We had our first fire Friday night after I returned home from picking up Laura at the airport, who came to visit us for the weekend. On to the pictures!

I can't take a straight picture to save my life, apparently.

Jason enjoying a marshmallow!

Our first s'mores as a family. No one liked them with marshmallows.

It wouldn't be a fire without a glass of wine or two

We realized some things Friday night, one is that mid-November is COLD and even sitting next to a fire you're pretty chilly - so if you come over to sit with us, bring your UGGS and winter coat. And a hat, and possibly gloves. Also - buying firewood in small bundles is not cost-effective, talk about burning through cash! So I guess we'll be looking into buying wood in bulk & figuring out a good place to store it. Also - the ghetto poker Matt made out of rebar and masking tape will have to be replaced with something a bit more permanent.

We REALLY had a great time around our fire Friday night, and I'm looking forward to many, many more in the future. We need to back-fill behind the wall & get the lawn recovered from the construction, but I can just picture it all back together with some pots of flowers on the patio and maybe a nice set of chairs to relax in. We'll get there. Now hopefully the kids won't break anything when they try to sled down the hill this winter...
So this is the week I'm going to get caught up on everything - Jason had a birthday last week that I need to share, and I have a TON of things to catch up on around the house but I'm looking forward to things being a bit more relaxed this week before we roll into Thanksgiving and the Christmas chaos. Why do I feel it's chaotic? Too much to do in too little time? Too many things to remember? We say every year we're going to keep it simple but in the end, I think we miss it - but maybe that's a post for another day...I hope you all have a great week!


  1. It looks GREAT! M got up as I was reading this and she wants us to visit so she can play in the back yard and I think she has a crush on Jason!

  2. I can't help but feel very special and honored that I was your very first fire pit guest. I am so glad I invited myself over :-)

    And while the pictures are great, I have to say, actually seeing it, and sitting by the fire is WAY better!
    Of course, the glass of wine was nice too, but I am thinking that it was really the family surrounding the fire that was the best part of all.

    I love your family, Jen, and loved the fire pit. Matt is ridiculously talented and although you said it was overwhelming at times, I have to believe he feels now it was all worth it.

    See ya'll on Friday night with my coat!I wish :-(

  3. I love it and it is so much more special b/c ya'll built it yourselves!!!!! Instead of writing a check, like I would have......


  4. I SO wish I could come hang out with your fire pit! LOL Also, what is it with kids not wanting marshmellows on their S'mores? Mine don't either, and that's just weird.

  5. The fire pit looks great!!! I love it!

    Isaiah doesn't like marshmallows in his smores either. In fact, he doesn't like marshmallows at all. Weird. I love smores WITH marshmallows!

    Looks like you guys are really going to enjoy it! Great job!

  6. You did an incredible job! It's simply gorgeous!

    I only like marshmallows if they are burnt, completely black, burnt, burnt, burnt!

  7. Wow! That looks so great - hats off to you - or maybe on since it is November and all! :)

  8. Looks great!!! I really like it built into the hill like that.

  9. LOVE IT! It looks fantastic!! I want to come hang out & have a glass or two of wine with you while my kiddos enjoy Smores. My oldest loves marshmellows, she eats them for snacks, my other two would just rather have the chocolate :)


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