Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter; Kid Bits; and Why I will be watching William and Kate get married...

I really would like to tell you a wonderful story about how we spent our Easter Sunday, but I don't really have one. The Bunny came to visit early, Matt made breakfast, and somehow we managed to pull everyone together and get to church early so Matt could usher - and since we finally had an Easter that was warm enough to be outside for pictures, I dragged the kids over to the side of the building in the sun and told them to smile :) Just like your parents did to you, and mine to me, right? Looking at these pictures, I'm beginning to see why, when I'm out and about with them, people are always exclaiming how much they look like me - all I see are their differences from each other, not the resemblances, but I guess my view is colored by their grand personalities. Somehow I do manage to mix all their names up though! Anyway - here are my kids all dolled up for church...
I had to include this because I love Sarah's smile :)
The best one of the Fab Four
Sarah adding some flowers to the cross, and William doing who knows what with his hands...
Evie pouting because I won't give her my phone to play with
Evie smiling because I told her to :)
Pre-service activities...
The two who are giving me the most trouble right now :)
The easy two of the moment
After church, we came home and dyed eggs - yes, I know this is usually done before Easter,  but better late than never...

Much of the rest of the day was spent with me in the kitchen, Matt set up an egg hunt for the kids, and I believe there was an argument at one point about crawfish - but other than that? We enjoyed our Easter - everyone was pretty done in from our spring break trip south, and Matt had to pack for Hawaii, poor guy :) All in all, a pretty low-key day. You need one of those now and then, right?
Kid Bits
It's not often that Evie gives me a Kid Bit to share, but every now and then she'll come up with a doozy! Ever since things have started growing this spring, Evie's been fascinated with onion grass. She's been pulling up clumps of it wherever she can find it and stuffing it under my nose - 'doesn't this smell GOOD???' I started getting annoyed when she began bringing it in the house and leaving it on the floor of the mud room or on the kitchen table. She seemed to stop doing it, and I didn't really think about it anymore.

On Sunday afternoon, I'd gone out and come back in & noticed an odd smell in the kitchen. I figured it was the bacon smell from that morning or something, didn't really think much of it. When I still noticed it the next morning, I figured it was the trash can so I took that bag out. By Monday afternoon, the smell was getting stronger, and it was oddly near the desk area in the kitchen. Now, Evie has a little hidey hole in the desk (William broke the front off the drawer a few years back and Matt just screwed the drawer front to the facing & now there's an empty space where the drawer used to be...) and she keeps things like her gum, and who knows what else there. Now, I'm thinking to myself I'm going to find the rotten apple core she left in the bag from her field trip to Mt. Vernon a few weeks ago - at least I hope that's all it is. I crawled under the desk, half afraid of what I'm going to find, and start pulling stuff out. The last thing I expected was this:

Yes, that's a stinky, wreaking bag FULL of rotting onion grass.No wonder it had a vague food-ie smell to it. And of course the more I moved it around, the stinkier it got. At the moment, it's triple bagged and stinking up the can in the garage. We're really looking forward to trash day on Friday :)

The same day I discovered Stinky McBaggy, I went up to William's room to collect bathroom cups to wash and discovered this:
I'm not sure why his shower has crime scene tape around it, and I really don't think I want to know. Life with kids is certainly interesting :)
Friday morning I'll be getting up early to watch Prince William marry Kate Middleton, with all the pomp that goes along with that. If you are or aren't, I'm sure you have your reasons, just as I have mine - or at least I think I do. I vividly remember my mother getting up at the crack of dawn back in 1982 to watch Prince Charles marry Diana Spencer. I was almost 12, and this was really the first I remember hearing about actual princes outside of fairy tales. I remember my sister reading 17 Magazine & seeing the spread about the princes of the world that were still available now that Charles was taken - I didn't really think he was all that, Prince Andrew definitely was better looking - and we all know what happened after that: the heir and the spare were born, then came cheating, scandal and divorce. Matt and I were in Shreveport with his family, celebrating our engagement with them, that August weekend in 1997 when Diana was killed. I watched her funeral and cried my eyes out for William and Harry, both so young to lose their mother. Charles seemed to step up to the plate after that, life went on for everyone, and the princes grew up. Why am I interested in all this? I'm not even sure myself - but I wish William and Kate all the happiness together that his parents never had :)


  1. EWWWW!! Onion Rotting! Gross!

    Your children are so beautiful! They should be in print ads!

    I am also getting up (2am MST) to watch the Wedding.

    I think my reason are similar to yours....I remember Princess Di's wedding and funeral and feel some kind of connection to William and Harry.

  2. Your girls look just like you, the boys are definitely yours but the girls are mini-me's, or mini-you's. Whatever.

    I was wondering not so much why there was crime scene tape on the shower but why you even have it. Is from Halloween? The look of that grass is enough to make me gag, I cannot even imagine the smell!

    I remember the royal wedding, I was 12 too, but have no interest in the latest one. I'll be honest, I didn't even know it was tomorrow until I read it on Becca's blog last night. I'm so out of the loop!

  3. "hidey hole'??
    Is that the best description you could come up with?
    It is like you MAKE ME think dirty things...

    at first glance tI hought you found a bag of weed

    I care so little about weddings...royal or not. But if I were at your house I'd get up with you, and make some mimosas.

    And boy, do I have stories about fact, my best memories involve crawfish...and a hidey the same night :-)

  4. I love Sarah's dress! And your kids are so beautiful!

    I'm hoping to stay awake to watch the wedding, I'm sure it'll be worth watching.

  5. Gorgeous Easter pictures! You have the most beautiful family :)

    I'm planning on watching the wedding too. Of course, here it will be at 2am . . . not sure how me and my big fat tired pregnant self is going to handle that. I'm so intrigued by it all. Confession time: when I was younger I totally thought I had a chance of winning Prince William. Oh yeah, I thought I could be the princess no problem. Never mind that I didn't live in England {or that I'm a couple years older}. A girl can dream, right? ;)

  6. The kids look exactly like you! Gorgeous little things.

    Oh and who had to clean up the crime scene?

  7. Betcha never thought you'd find a bag of grass that Evie hid when she's only 8, huh? Or 9.
    HAHAHAHAHA. Okay. Lame.
    Anyway. The pictures are fantastic, as always and the kids are gorgeous.
    I think it's awesome that Will is marrying for LOVE and Kate is GORGEOUS.
    I won't be up at 1 am to watch it, but I am going to watch the recap. I think it's cool.

  8. And. I just remember when Di died. And thinking of the poor boys being left I kinda feel like we own a part of them, you know? Or they own a part of us, I guess.

  9. So much good stuff to comment on here! Love Evie's red hair flower and dress.
    We dyed eggs on Easter day too!
    Too funny about the onion grass. We like to pull it out too and see the onion at the bottom. I would have freaked if I saw it in a bag!


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