Monday, April 18, 2011

Elephant Bo Bo; William's schoolwork never fails to amuse :)

Evie's always been an animal lover, I can't really remember a time when she wasn't. One of the early toys I remember getting for her was the Fisher Price Little People Zoo when she was about 6 months old. She collected more Little People toys after that, the farm, house, & some other things. Funny thing is, she NEVER played with the people, only the animals. Somewhere around here I have a picture of her with all the animals lined up in a row on the edge of the kitchen table, not a person in sight. When she was about 18 months old, I introduced her to her first Disney DVD, Dumbo, and from then on she had a big love of elephants. We collected stuffed elephants, elephant figurines and Christmas ornaments, and she got really good at making elephant noises. This also translated into her love of Winnie the Pooh's Heffalump movie, and her desire for a lovely handmade lavender fleece 'heffalump' Halloween costume. Everyone thought she was an elephant. Which brings us to Elephant Bo Bo:
Elephant Bo Bo is this cheezy t-shirt that we discovered while shopping at Wal-Mart one day when Evie was about 3 years old. She loved this shirt and had to have it. I have no idea why it says Elephant Bo Bo, but there you have it. It was an instant favorite, and turned up in many photos over the next year...

Elephant Bo Bo goes well with your Shrek Donkey ears....

It's perfect for a hot summer day pretending your dinosaurs are at the watering hole...

And it's terrific for layering when the weather is cold!

Eventually Evie got too big to wear Elephant Bo Bo, even with layers, and I stored it away with the rest of her outgrown clothes in case we had another girl at some point. When I pulled it out for Sarah to wear, it had gotten very short and wide, as some t-shirts tend to do after many washings. Sarah never wore it out and about, but had a pair of pajama pants that we paired it with. A few weeks ago while sorting out clothes for Goodwill/sale/trash, I admit, I relegated Elephant Bo Bo to the trash bag - think what you will, but I'm trying not to be sentimental about stuff like this, or we'd be buried under baby things. Imagine my surprise when I opened Evie's closet the next day & found that she'd rescued EBB from the trash bag and had hung it up on a hanger :)

I've learned my lesson, and Elephant Bo Bo is now freshly washed and back in Evie's closet after its brief sojourn in the trash bag. Now the question is, is the lesson learned to check with the kids before getting rid of stuff like this? Or to make sure stuff like this gets out of the house before they see it? I'll need to think about that one....
William's been really a pip about going to school lately, he just doesn't want to go, hates reading, and thinks it's just stupid in general. I'm doing my best to encourage him through to the end, but it's a battle - and then he comes home with papers like this:

He's taught himself to write his name in 'cursive' - or his version of it anyway - and the rest of his handwriting is pretty atrocious (not that mine is anything to call home about), but I love that he's written the name of his favorite X-box game at the top - the game he's not supposed to be playing - and at the bottom, the moral to whatever story they were reading is apparently that friendship is the key to sexes. Matt and I were actually thinking that maybe he's on to something with that one?? Or he just can't spell. I think I'm going with the latter.


  1. Friendship is the key to sexes...I am dying laughing over here.
    The early photos of Evie are so cute!
    My youngest had a shirt he loved and we've put it on a stuffed bear (he is the only one to have a bunch of stuffed animals arranged on his bed and he is 10 yrs old).

  2. Um...I'm one of those suckers that keeps outfits that were important to the kids. BUT, I only have 2. LOL
    Sexes...success. I can totally see that, and his cursive is better than mine!

  3. Love Evie's shirt! We have a favorite pair of Madagascar PJ's that M loves. She was quickly outgrowning them and I found a couple more sizes on Ebay so now she has favorite PJ's for years to come!

    Friendship is the key to sexes. I actually think WINE is but whatever.

  4. It is soooo hard to get rid of things, lucky for me I get to see it 3 times in a row so by the time I get to the 3rd one wearing it I don't really have to get all sentimental about keeping it because it has been WELL worn by that point & just NEEDS to go. LOL.

    I love it when kids make up thier own cursive... they think they are so grown up doing it. LOVE the key to sexes... too cute!!!

  5. That's hilarious! I think he's wise beyond his years. ;)

    Evie's Elephant Bo Bo shirt is adorable! I'm not sure I could part with it either. When i really want something to leave the house without Isaiah seeing it and reclaiming it, I have to tie it up in a black trashbag and put it IN THE CAR! LOL. He's notorious for dragging stuff back out of the trash..or giveaway box.

  6. I have always gotten rid of stuff when the kids weren't at home! It is the only way to ever get anything accomplished.

  7. I have a whole box full of clothes of Morganne's that I can not get rid of. I just can't. Don't know what I will do with it 15 years from now, but I am determined to keep them.

    And look at that blonde hair!! WOW! Her's changed like M's did!! (that's good english huh?)



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