Monday, April 25, 2011

William almost gave me a coronary, and other related bits.

We're back! Did you know we were gone? Harried Mom and Family traveled for spring break to visit the in-laws in the deep south! We left last Saturday and returned the day before Easter, just in time to cut the grass (I swear I can HEAR it growing with all the rain) and have the Bunny drop some treats off for the kids Sunday morning. Poor Matt had all of 36 hours or so home before he raced out the door Monday morning to catch a plane to Hawaii for business this week. Travel stories and Easter pictures will have to wait, as I just don't have it in me to sort through it all at the moment. So! Let's talk about our own personal Hot Mess, William :)
Seems like William has been popping up a lot recently on the blog, but he's turning into quite a character. Only in 1st grade, he's beaten Evie in number of trips to the principal's office - a record I would prefer remain at TWO, TOTAL, thank you very much - S&J, no need to break this one! Not a fan of reading, William loves joke books & is starting to spring them out of the blue - sitting on Nana's porch last week coloring: Mom, look under there! Where? There! Look under THERE! Under Where??? And he just smiles :)
So after a long day of driving on the first day of our trip, we checked into our home for one night in Birmingham AL, swam in the pool, and got everyone settled for bed. We stayed at the Hyatt Place downtown, which had an awesomely huge room with 2 queen beds and a queen size sleeper sofa. Jason and I took one bed, Matt and Sarah took the other, and we lumped Evie and William together on the pull-out. Long day, tired kids, lights out - right? Right. No?

I was reading by my book light (can't fall asleep without reading something, old habits die hard!) and I heard some moving about. Evie alerted me to the fact that William had gotten up. I called out and asked what he was doing, he replied he was using the bathroom. Mind you, William moves about like an Mohican stalking something - you DO NOT hear him AT ALL - the only thing I heard was the door latch clicking. Some time passed, Matt had dozed off, and I kept waiting to hear William go back to bed. Nothing. Finally, nervous mommy that I am, I got up to check on him. He wasn't in the bed with Evie, so I checked the bathroom. Didn't see anyone in there, either. Back to the sofa bed where Evie was sleeping, nothing. He wasn't in my bed with Jason, and he wasn't with Matt and Sarah. I went BACK to the bathroom and turned on the light. At this point, I was convinced he'd been stolen right out from under my nose & started to panic. Freaking out, I woke up Matt, who started calling his name. We turned on some lights, Matt again checked the empty bathroom. Now I have to say, I am blessed with a husband who has a great deal of calm and common sense - while I'm freaking out, he's noticing that the door to the room is locked from the inside, so unless we're dealing with an alien abduction, William has to be IN the room. He looked around a bit more, and noticed William stretched out on the floor underneath the sofa bed. Fully awake, not saying a word, I guess he was enjoying the sneakiness of the moment. I wanted to kill him.

Matt pulled him out from under the sofa bed & gave him a swat, and of course he started crying. Through MY tears I explained why I was SO STINKING MAD at him, told him not to do that ever again, and that when we call his name he'd better ANSWER US or have a good reason not to. It took a while for my heart rate to slow down after that adventure, but we all did manage to get some sleep and continue on the next day :)
William's not your typical boy in that he doesn't like typical boy things. While we were in Shreveport, Matt and his dad brought William along on a trip to the hardware store. When they got back, I asked if William had seen anything he'd like. Of course he did! An enormous adjustable wrench - I'm not sure why he wanted that one - and a big sledgehammer - this would be useful for smashing rocks while he was hunting for GOLD. Big ideas in that head, BIG ideas - now if he tells me I'm shaped like a cylinder again, I may have to disown him...
The BATHROOM is entering its final phase - today the bathroom counter is being installed!!!!!! Which also means, the threshold to the shower is being installed, which means that the shower DOOR can be installed! I am beyond excited to think that maybe by this time next week we will have a fully functioning bathroom again. I know Sarah will be happy to have her bathroom back, she mentioned it again tonight, spoiled princess :)


  1. I am so glad you are writing all this down - he is such a funny guy!!

    Can't wait to see final pics of the bathroom!


  2. I know you were freaking out, (I have had something similar happen with Madison before) but I couldn't stop laughing while reading! I had to tell Stephen about William - he is one of a kind. :-) Glad you are all home safe! See everyone soon.

  3. Oh, man. William, that was NOT funny you lil stinker! Sheesh, way to shave off 10 years from your momma's life.

  4. What a little shit! That would've freaked me out too!

    Those pictures of him are great, he's a ham!

  5. Losing my kid....or having them run off is a big fear of mine.

    So glad he was just playing possum and he was fine.

    Hawaii. Wish I was in Hawaii.....

  6. Too funny! But mostly because it was YOUR kid and not MINE!

  7. hi there. stumbled across your blog. i love your description in your about me, btw your kids are beautiful. ")


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