Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day? And some other random stuff.

A mama robin has it easy. She lays an egg one day after a breakfast of worms, and then goes about her business. The next day, she lays another egg. Apparently the eggs are ok without her sitting on them for a few days, while she lays her full clutch. By the fourth day, there are four eggs in the nest, and the mama bird sits down to wait. She'll sit on her nest for 12-14 days, and then the babies hatch. From what I've read, it's maybe another 3 weeks before the babies are ready to fly off and be on their own. If only it were so easy for people.
My kids were particularly sucky today. It's possible we asked for it, by having them up late on Friday night while friends were over to visit, and then not getting them to bed early Saturday night. Or maybe we're being punished for playing hooky from church today - who knows?? What I do know is that all four of them managed to push Matt's buttons today until he was snarling at them, and then they managed to push all of mine as well. FUN!

Evie did bring me coffee in bed this morning, made to my controlling specifications (thanks Matt!) and Matt made me breakfast. Eventually, after much dithering by the little ones, he had them all in the van for a trip to Lowes, where they proceeded to publicly torture him. I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 hours of peace and quiet :)
Of course, they had to come home eventually, and I made lunch while Matt did some work on the bathroom. And instead of taking his Harley out for a spin on this gorgeous spring afternoon, my fabulous husband took the kids to the park for almost 2 hours. I was actually able to hear the radio while making dinner  - because only crazy people try to go to restaurants on Mother's Day - which of course, only half of us ate. Such is the life with small kids :) In what can only be described as a Mother's Day miracle, 3 out of 4 kids were in bed before 8pm, and William was actually sound asleep the first time I had to re-tuck Jason in. Happy Mother's Day, indeed :)

So am I the only one who gets overwhelmed by the change of seasons and what that means with regards to clothing for kids? Or is this reserved for people with 3+ children? Just the thought of going through it all makes me hyperventilate. I'm not sure why I find it so daunting, but I really REALLY hate the whole process of shopping for new clothes, pulling out what doesn't fit, deciding what to keep for the little kids versus what to just throw out and/or donate - it totally overwhelms me. And then there's the weather that can't make up it's mind - 86 one day, 54 the next, sunny, rainy, somewhere in between. Sometimes I wish we lived in a shack and had our 'every day' dress and our 'church' dress.
In case you were wondering, the bathroom is almost finished. Cabinets, counter and shower door are installed. The window Matt put in last June now has casing (and a sill! I need to find some cobalt bottles and jars to put on it!). The cabinet knobs I've ordered have arrived, and are awaiting installation. The only things left to finish up are mirrors - who knew deciding on mirrors would be such a challenge?? - touching up the paint, and sealing the tile and grout, which will have to wait until the tile guys fix the one floor tile I discovered is upside down - one dull spot amidst a field of shiny. SO - I am very, very hopeful that by the end of next weekend we will have a finished, functioning bathroom. It really is looking exactly as I hoped, although at this point Matt and I are joking that it's not a real bathroom, it's just a picture in a magazine - but what a picture :)


  1. Mother's day can be hard, huh? I am so grateful and blessed for my boys...and I'm also overwhelmed and get frustrated when they aren't perfect on Mother's Day. Hello?? It's MY day dudes!!! KNOCK IT OFF! lol
    Those are great pictures of the birds nest! Pretty colored eggs!

  2. Happy Mother's Day!! If it makes you feel any better I had a full on melt down this morning. Mother's Day is hard (in my opinion). I can't wait to see your bathroom!


  3. My children were ANGELS yesterday...until we went out to eat (at 4:30 with all of the old people).

    I'm over the clothing issue already. M just decided that she'll only wear certain colors. I found this out by purchasing the cutest BLUE outfit for her on Saturday.

    So glad that you got some peace yesterday!

  4. You know what else mama birds do?
    and at night, open your windows, and just listen...
    they sing praises ALL DAY LONG

    here is my recipe for a successful mother's day for next year:
    GO TO CHURCH (and I don't believe you were punished, btw, but I do believe it is the best way to start any day)
    Then go out with friends
    leave the kids
    you see them all day long all year long
    go for drinks
    see a movie
    have matt make dinner
    come home for dinner
    hang with the kids
    pour some wine
    the end


    just come to my place next year!!!!!
    We will have am AWESOME mother's day!

    keep me posted on the jealous...

  5. I dread the closet switch. It takes me forever, and right now I only have two kids. I make my husband take the kids away so I can tackle it without them.

    I can't wait to see the bathroom pictures. :) What a huge job and a huge accomplishment too.

  6. Great story and pictures. I love it.

    I'm glad your day turned out somewhat well, it could have be so much worse right?

    I cannot wait to see the final pictures of your bathroom!



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