Thursday, May 19, 2011

I should have seen this coming...and we have baby robins :)

It was bound to happen. And I think in the back of my mind, I knew it was going to - I just didn't want to face it. Jason - my baby, my sweet boy, my little buddy - is turning into a big boy with big ideas of his own, and he doesn't want to go to bed at night. And he's being ugly about it.

Trying to tuck him in at night and give him a kiss is becoming a joke, as he kicks and fusses and yells, and won't stay in bed. He tells me he hates me and blows raspberries in my face. I'm trying to blame it on the full moon, but I'm afraid it's more that he's 3-1/2 and our baby-moon is over :(
I'm starting to wonder if I have a favorite anymore :) Not that he isn't still very sweet - if I'm upset, he's the one that comes running to make me feel better - but those days when I hung the moon and was the center of his world are over. I'm not sure I was ready for that yet.
The upside to this is the fact that Jason will let Matt help him with things more now than he ever used to, which of course makes things easier for both of us. And while I know he'll always be my baby - it still is a fist in my heart to watch him get bigger every week :)

We've been patiently waiting these last two weeks while our Mama Robin sat on her eggs, and on Tuesday we discovered we had babies! All four eggs have hatched, and we have blind little baby birds nesting in our play fort :)
It's the funniest thing - they instinctively pop up and open their mouths when the nest moves, as they think Mama is back with food for them - when in reality it's just us climbing up to take a peek :)
I only hope we can keep the kids out of there long enough for them to jump out of the nest on their own and be big enough to fly off on their way :) At which point the fort will need a good cleaning.


  1. Oh wow. Those baby robins are ugly. LOL!!! They looked much better as eggs!
    Poor momma...I became the old hag a couple years ago with my youngest. Sad.

  2. look at all of the amazing LIFE in your backyard!

    Babies grow...birds spread their wings and fly away...we are blessed to be a witness to it all.

    No worries, mama...your baby still needs you...and he is so much cuter than the robins, so there's that.

  3. Those little birds are amazing!!

    So sorry that your baby moon is over. The only time I get cuddles from my boy anymore is first thing in the morning before he's fully woken up.

    Have a great time this weekend!!

  4. Yup, it's the age. Maggie is our tough one right now too. But four is around the corener and four is WONDERFUL!! (At least it has been so far). I think maybe you need another baby who thinks you hung the moon :)

  5. Aww, those little birdies are the cutest! In an ugly way, of course ;)

    I'm sorry about Jason :( Why do kids have to grow????!!!

  6. OMGOSH Jen....I can't believe it. I have a nest with the same exact birds but it's in my front door wreath. I took a picture but have not posted it yet. They are identical. We have had our front door porch area taped off so when someone comes to our door they don't get hurt. (This does not stop solicitors by the way.) Even with a not solicitation sign up! Looks like you girlz had a great time in Austin!


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