Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Apparently you annoy me because I have control issues.

So per usual the other day, I was trolling the news on my phone while waiting in the car somewhere for someone when I ran across an article on by Melissa Dahl titled 'What bugs you? Book uncovers science of what irks us'. Because I tend to be annoyed a lot (if you know me I realize you may not find that all that shocking), I clicked through & started reading (I'll wait if you want to go read it now). And let me just say, wow - she had me with the first paragraph! Yep, all of that is annoying! Not so much the way Matt chews, and I don't have any co-workers, but YES - traffic, videos, misspellings - all annoying. I'm sure I can come up with lots of other things that bug me too - anyway - I kept reading, until I came to the part about personality type, and is there a personality type more prone to being annoyed?

AnnoyanceWell. Feeling myself to be in the center of the cross hairs, according to the article, yes -  a lot of annoyance is about things being out of your control. There's that damn word again, control. Probably one of the main reasons I refer to myself as harried is that I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE SMALL PEOPLE IN MY HOUSE. none whatsoever. Well - some - but not as much as I'd like. In my perfect world, they would all do as I ask, we'd all get along fine, birds would be chirping all day long, the house would be neat and tidy, and I would be the perfect wife, with a smile on my face and a happy greeting for my husband. Instead, we have four kids who are now big enough to get up and down from the table at will without washing hands & getting their grubby paws all over everything, preschoolers who blow raspberries and tell me they hate me multiple times a day, and school-age kids who shed socks and other crap the minute they walk in the door, then yes me to death while ignoring me (or can't hear me, as William always seems to have a runny nose & fluid in his ears). Happy greeting for Matt? Only if Happy Hour starts early :) (The birds do seem to chirp here all day long).

I forwarded this article to Matt, who's on a trip this week, and his response was something to the effect that other than my amazing ability to get us ready for a road trip, he sees no benefit to my control issues. Hmph. I would argue that the world needs people like me, because how else would it stay organized? Someone needs to have a plan, right? Just like the world needs people like William, who would rather do math problems in a workbook than read a story - I just do not get that at all, but I do recognize that the world needs people like him. They are the ones who come up with amazing answers to problems. Where was I going with this? I have no idea. Wait - control, yes. I have none. Or at least it feels that way. So, I'm annoyed, and trying to get through my day and daily life, and wishing that there was a resolution to it all, instead of just an explanation to why I'm annoyed. But I guess self-awareness is half the battle, and at the end of the day bedtime comes, the house is quiet, and we can re-group to do it all again the next day. And there's wine :)
So our TiVo died, after weeks of me wondering if it was on its last legs as it froze up in the middle of recordings (yes, the royal wedding, I was TICKED! but grateful that TLC replayed it in a timely manner) I was trying to catch Glee Tuesday night in the midst of reading stories and tucking in children, and I am so grateful that I was able to catch this week's episode, as Rachel and Jesse sang the song that I've heard on the radio a few times & never been able to catch completely (radio time is severely limited here, and the ability to here any chatter in between is non-exsistent)  - love the song,  and love the video! And Adele's playing in DC today, but as I don't have $600 for a ticket, I guess I'll have to settle for the video instead :) Bitch has pipes. And I love the water glasses thumping to the drum. There's a musician in me somewhere wondering how we ended up with this suburban life.


  1. Well, that makes sense. I'm sure that most of my annoyance comes from lack of control. And you're completely right, the world does need people like us!

  2. If people would just do things they way we need them to be done....we'd be a lot less annoyed.

  3. She does have pipes. I'm sorta new to her, but I'm likin her voice.
    Um. You are right, we need someone to have control issues because if we didn't, I'd never get shit done!

  4. I'm glad a don't have control issues. I'm more of a carefree, procrastinator.

    And I agree Adele has some pipes! That girl can sing!


    Since blogger ate my comment.....

    What did I say before. Oh right. If people just did what we need them to do....we wouldn't be annoyed.

    Love you!


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