Thursday, October 6, 2011

And Sarah Turns Five....

 Five. My sweet and spicy little girl turned 5 on Monday. I'd like to tell you it was a perfect day, but it wasn't. The little two don't nap anymore, and they stay up later than the big ones used to, so after lunch there was quite a bit of attitude from the birthday girl. All that passed by dinner though, and we had a nice little celebration for her that evening.
Dinner and cake was Sarah's pick, broccoli soup and Red Velvet cake - YUM :)
It took Sarah about 15 attempts to finally get all her candles blown out, it was the cutest thing, she just kept puffing at them from 2 feet away - I'm surprised she managed to get them all out!
Sarah didn't want the chopped pecans on her cake, so I added mini chocolate chips and sprinkles. It was a hit.

We had some presents after dinner...
...and Sarah was VERY excited to receive her Angry Bird. She's named him Eggbert :)
I can't believe my little girly is 5 years old, and that kindergarten starts next year. We're always told to enjoy them while they're little because it goes so fast, and truer words have never been said - the day to days seem so long on one hand, and yet the weeks fly by - it will be next year before I can blink, and I'll miss hearing Sarah sing and play with Jason during the day while she's at school. I really wish I could put her in my pocket and keep her just as she is - 5 is pretty great :)


  1. Happy Birthday Sarah!!

    That is a fabulous looking cake! I love red velvet!

  2. First, is that a white couch? Are you kidding me! It looks perfectly white. Do I need to remind you that you have 4 kids? How in the world do you keep it looking so fabulous?!!?

    Second, will you please teach me how to use my camera!? You're pictures are always so gorgeous!

    And third, happy birthday sweet Sarah!

  3. Sweet and spicy? That is awesome! I need to use that term for my 5 year old!

    Happy Birthday Sarah! You've got a good name there! ;)

  4. She is just so cute!
    It looks like she had a good day, momma.
    And one of the most poignant and sweet quotes I ever saw was: The days, they drag. But they years, they fly.

  5. Happy (late) Birthday to S! How cute is she?!?

    That cake looks amazing! Feel free to send me some. I'm sure it will mail quite well.


  6. Happy Birthday to Sarah!

    I couldn't agree more about keeping her in your pocket! I want to do the same with mine as well!

  7. Wow, 5 already??? She is so cute!


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