Monday, October 3, 2011

Helloooooo October....

We finally got some nice cool weather here! The only problem is that it's still raining. We've been spoiled the last few years, Autumn has always been nice and dry, cool and clear - not this year, Matt's still having to cut the grass every five days or so, although our lawn's never looked better at this time of year!

Evie & Coach Matt had a soccer game Saturday morning, I elected to stay home with the other 3, and I'm glad I did, 5 minutes before game time I looked out the window and it was pouring. They still played though, Evie came home sopping wet - really, she was leaving a wet trail all the way upstairs. Matt was excited though, apparently Evie plays her best in the rain. This will probably be her last season playing soccer - she is good at it, and likes it, but just doesn't have the drive to want to keep going, so we're going to try some other things - we'll see how that goes, Evie is much like me, jack of all trades, master of none.

William got a package in the mail this week! You see, we hadn't made it to Sunday school until this week, and the class had done a lesson that involved sheep. Well, the teacher, knowing William's continuing great love of sheep, mailed him the lesson that he'd missed! He ripped right into it (because he nearly always gets the mail, even though NONE OF IT IS EVER FOR HIM!!!) and sat down to look. A few minutes later he was giving me sheep facts - 'Hey Mom! Did you know a female sheep is called an E-We?' There's a lot that drives me crazy about William, but then we'll have moments like that and my heart swells with love for him :)
William working on his cross-stitch sheep.....
 Jason is still my sweetheart, he knows I'm still recovering from my surgery, and I feel for him a bit, as I was still carrying him around a lot, even at almost 4 (he is the baby, after all). The other night after his bath, we were headed downstairs and I said, hey little buddy, hold my hand! And he replied, 'after your tummy is better will you carry me?' Sigh. Of course :) I only hope you remember that you want me to in a few weeks' time....
 And Miss Sarah turns 5 today!!! I can hardly believe it, but there you have it! Where does the time go? She's a sassy little miss that is SO much fun to be around - I particularly like it when she's in the bathroom with the door shut and she's just singing her heart out without a care in the world - but can also give you the business like no one else. I spent a good bit of time last night baking a cake and decorating cupcakes for preschool, but you only turn 5 once. And I'm not sure if I want to do a friend party for her this year or not - the kids already have so much, and things are so busy, it seems sort of silly! but I know she'd love it. Maybe something small....
So that's where we're at, starting October with rain and chills. Hopefully the wet will move on, and we'll get some nice sunny Autumn days - because I'm looking forward to having toasty fires in the fire pit, picking pumpkins at the patch, and trick-or-treating with the kids without umbrellas :) Halloween's a big deal here and it's not that far away....
My dear husband Matt, in a never-ending effort to keep me abreast of the internet memes that go around that don't show up in my usual haunts - People, E-online, CNN, MSNBC and FoxNews - sent me links to the following items this week, and if you have the time they're good for a laugh. Definitely watch the first one; the second one just gets funnier the longer it goes on :)  Have a GREAT WEEK!!!


  1. I just peed my pants watching the first video.

    I'll be back after I change my panties.

  2. Can I buy that second one on iTunes?

    I love to cross stitch!

  3. So far our October is wet and cold, hope yours is better.

  4. That first picture of looks like a movie still or something! :)
    Happy Birthday to your sweet Sarah!

  5. Great photos. I'm like William when I get something in the mail. Also, I'm going to start saying ewe as E-we from now on.

  6. Happy Birthday Princess Sarah!!!
    Five is a big deal.

  7. That pic of Evie is adorable!

    Do you know that I have never cross-stitched? I'm not creative at all! Even your son can do it! Something is wrong with me I swear.

    Ok, now I'll play the videos. I need a laugh. It's been a rough day today. I miss my baby.


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