Monday, October 24, 2011

Evie enters the double-digits...

I'm not sure how it's possible, but we now have a 10 year old. Wow. I find it really hard to believe that so much time has passed since I woke up in the middle of the night, not sure if we were about to have a baby or not. Evie came barreling into the world at 6:08am after 40 minutes of pushing. My doctor arrived just in time to catch her, as we'd only gotten to the hospital at about 4:30am or so - no pain killers for me that time! Her arrival is clearly burned in my memory, whereas the other 3 sort of blend together - much less drama associated with their arrival all around.
Evie's really turning out to be a great kid - mostly polite and helpful, conscientious about schoolwork, and lots of fun to be around. She talks a lot, and there's so much going on inside her head that she loves to share - the house is definitely much quieter when Evie's not around, there is a noticeable difference in the energy level around here and her absence is obvious.
So LAST YEAR Evie picked out the cake she wanted from the Cake Bible - the Blueberry Swan Lake cake. I think I'm going to throw the Cake Bible away so the other kids don't get any bright ideas. This thing took me most of Sunday afternoon to put together - we were out of the house all day Saturday, and it's just a cake, right? The cake itself went together easily enough - but the frosting was a big disappointment, and the blueberry topping that was supposed to be thick and create a 'lake-like' layer on top never gelled. This is not the first cake I've tried from that book, but it might be the last - I have better luck with recipes I find on the internet. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and Evie was happy, so that's what's important. Moving on!
Evie had made a birthday list right after William's birthday. Then she revised it. Then she revised it again. And after Sarah's birthday, she revised it again. And again, after I told her I was not buying her any more stuffed animals - EVER. She got a few things on her list, and I was able to surprise her with a few things...
My Harry Potter lover now can wear the Gryffindor crest with pride...
And go figure - a latch hook kit doesn't come with a hook! Guess I'll be swinging by the craft store (again) so she can start yet another project. Maybe one of them will get finished some day :)
The one thing she was really hoping for was a pair of rollerblades, and Dad picked out the perfect pair for her - I think she's pretty excited :)
Happy Birthday Evie! I can't wait to see what the next 10 years brings your way :)


  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl
    I caught Belle telling Evie last night, "Wow, you had a great 10th birthday. I hardly got anything and my mom didn't even make a cake."


    sorry about the cake...go buy the Cake Dr.
    at least you got a great tip on awesome candles :-)

  2. Hi there! Happy birthday to Miss Double Digits and I think the cake looks cool! Did it taste good? Hope all is well. Miss ya!

  3. Happy Birthday Evie!!

    That candelabra thing is cool!

  4. I love those pictures!! The candelabra on the cake is awesome!

  5. LOVe that canelabra for the candles. So fun!

    Happy Happy Birthday to your adorable girl!

  6. Happy Birhtday to your sweet girl (and you too momma!)!

    I love the cake - who cares if it didn't look just like the picture - it came from the heart b/c you made it!!!



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