Friday, May 8, 2009

Gifts from the other side of the world

Matt returned from Guam on Saturday and he (of course!) came bearing gifts! A seven hour layover in Japan was enough time for him to leave the airport and visit the nearby town of Narita with a colleague. They visited a temple and did a little shopping, and brought back some pictures for me to share with you!

Whenever Matt goes on a long trip, Evie gives him a Littlest Pet Shop pet to take with so he will remember her; he always takes a picture of it wherever he is :-)

All of the girls received Kimonos
(mine is blue and no I'm not going to model for you)

William received this cool suit of armor

I received a tea set and the big kids now have chopsticks to keep!

We're all very happy to have him home safe and sound!


  1. Awesome! I love the kimonos, but the fact that he takes the pix of the pet everywhere is just too much! I love it!

  2. Wow! He brought back some really great stuff! The kimonos are beautiful! I would love to travel to Japan...well, anywhere outside of the US would be fun! ☺ I love that he takes a pic of the Littlest Pet Shop pet. That's so cute! She'll love those pics when she's older.

    Hope you're having a fabulous Friday!

  3. What a cool tradition to take a picture of the LPS everywhere he goes- I bet you can make a great scrapbook with the pictures too!!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. He's a good gift finder! It makes me wonder if my husband would fare as well in similar circumstances.

  5. What a good gift-giver your hubby is!

    And late congrats on the great finish of your 10K. I think we would be good running buddies, we seem to have the same pace.

    By the way, you don't look like you even have one ounce of fat on you!! So enjoy your fit self :)

  6. Matt is one cool dude!! I'm loving the littlest pet shop picture sweet!

    Those kimono's are gorgeous!! You sure you won't model?!

    Glad he's home and everyone's happy :)

    Happy Mother's Day...a little early!

    xoxo ~Lisa

  7. Yeah for husbands being home in time for Mothers Day

  8. I'm so happy he is home with you as well. Cool gifts.

  9. Guam looks very lovely....BTW -in my family Guam is the country we refer to when something seems far away...For example, man I had to park in Guam.
    (those kimonos are awesome!)

  10. I love the picture with the Littlest Pet Shop pet - what a fun tradition!

  11. Your hubby is a great shopper! What cool gifts and just in time for Mother's Day!
    Have fun!!!

  12. Yep, I just LOVE the kimonos too!

  13. Fluffy is also getting a big scrapbook! Something that just amuses me inside taking out the stuffed animal for a pic!!

    Kimonos are excellent!

  14. Love all the great pics!

    I bet you were glad to have your honey home and the kids love having their daddy home too!

  15. Great job on the gifts!

    That little tea set is adorable!


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