Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm feeling Harried

School's just about to come to a close (as if you all didn't know already!) and I'm staring at the calendar and wondering what fun things we can do that a) won't cost a fortune and b) can be enjoyed by everyone with the least amount of tears. I'm also wondering when I'm going to get to the projects that I want to do - like the cross-stitch I started for Jason before I began blogging; finishing up my recipe project; my picture collage project; the Emmeline apron I bought fabric to make back in April. I'd also like to spend some time at the pool with the kids - hopefully we'll be able to do that a little easier this year now that Sarah and Jason are older.

Of course, the picture collage and recipe projects are on hold until we resolve the issue with my old hard drive. I do NOT relish the idea of spending $600 (or more!) to get the data off that thing. I highly recommend you get some sort of backup going regularly, if you don't already. The external hard drive that was sitting on the floor in it's package next to my PC did absolutely no good where it was.

I have a very hard time finding the balance between spending time (quality!) with the kids and needing down time for myself. I'm used to putting S & J down for a nap after lunch and having an hour or so to myself while William entertains himself for a little bit - which makes me feel guilty that I'm not devoting that bit of time to him - and next year he'll be in school all day and that little bit will be gone for good. My whirling dervish (aka Evie) finishes up on the 12th, and I am anticipating everything being taken up just another notch. Not that I'm pointing fingers, but there is a lot more refereeing done on my part when she's at home as well.

I have a feeling I will be running a lot :-) it's a great stress reliever, and hopefully will allow me to enjoy some of the homemade ice cream I'm planning on making this summer - YUM! You all will also be happy to know - Baby Face is on patrol this evening, we can all rest easy in our beds - Mayberry is safe tonight!


  1. I agree. I had some computer issues this month too.

    Back up! Or, your pics, music, documents... all gone :-(

    I also print pics of anything really good. I do not trust the hard drive.

  2. When my babe goes down for a nap, my older kids know I'm off duty. We all need a break from each other. They don't like it, especially my oldest, but they can deal for 2 hours. They usually watch TV, honestly. But then, I try not to do things any other time - I don't sew, don't blog, and on and on.

  3. Sorry about the computer issues :( I do love the naptime :) At least the older ones are getting to where they can make sippy cups for the younger ones!!!

  4. Oh, how I miss naptime. We are on to the next stage with alot more independence but with that comes a lot more worries. Try organizing regular playdates with mums you like to spend time with. If you know that on Thursdays you will all meet at the pool then there is something to look forward to. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help, you will always be able to reciprocate when a friend is at her wit's end. Thanks for your pep talk

  5. I'm so glad Babyface is on duty! :) I was thinking of you the other day when I wad driving around like a crazy woman, trying to find a parking spot for my daughter's dance class. I must've circled a few roads 15 times, and each time I came upon the same cop. I kept thinking he'd pull me over just because I looked like a lunatic!

    Hope you find some peace for yourself this summer. My girls are all always home, but I can tell I'm going to play social director a LOT in the coming months.

  6. Ahhh Summertime! Is there anything better than changing from comfy jammies to a bathing suit, to another bathing suit then back into jammies! That's how we role over here at Seriously ALL SUMMER LONG!

  7. Hopefully summer will be a time where they will be able to just relax, and not drive you or each other crazy :)

    Kelly is starting to lose her naptime...oh, how I'm going to miss that time!

    xoxo ~Lisa

  8. No wonder you feel harried with all those projects and all those kiddos to entertain lol. Take one day at a time...your summer will be fabulous!

  9. I am looking forward to summer, but I feel a little "harried" too. Juggling two older kiddos who want to play with friends or got to the pool all day with a newborn who wants to eat all day. I am sure it will all work out in the long run, but I can't help but feel a little uneasy about it too.

    We're in the same boat sister!!


  10. Summer is going to awesome! From what I know about find a way to handle everything on your plate and still take time for yourself.

    I understand feeling guilty for taking time for yourself when the little one's are awake. Could you take one day a week where you do something special just for him during that time?

    Have a great week!

  11. A happy mom is a happy home - so run and get some downtime!! We'll never get rid of our mother's guilt anyways ;)

  12. Nap time is my favorite time. I can decompress and gear up for the afternoon..... Anthony only naps sometimes, but when he doesn't he is miserable.... I have found if I lay with him for a few minutes he sleeps and is so much happier.... I will be sad when those naps are gone for good!!

    Have you found somewhere local to fix your hard drive? We found a place in Cali to fix ours but it was $1,000+ and we didn't want to spend that much just yet, so the harddrive is sitting on the shelf. or now... :(

    Your it!


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