Saturday, May 16, 2009

Please bear with me! :-)

So I'm really bleary eyed from staying up WAY to late reading the Twilight books (sorry I've been neglecting you all!) and I come down this morning to find my computer all torn apart - EEEK! Matt went to check the weather this morning and it wouldn't wake up - he went to restart it and got "hard drive failure - hit F1 to continue" OMG what a disaster! I have about 2 years worth of pictures on there that are NOT backed up (baby Jason's whole life!), MS Money, all our tax returns, blah blah blah. Now, we're not completely stupid, we were AWARE that it should be backed up, but Matt was never able to get my PC to back up to the server and just didn't pursue it (because, as I'm sure you are, we're busy with other things too!) Not 3 weeks ago he bought a 1 terrabyte external hard drive that was sitting on the floor right next to it. Lot of good that did, huh?!

Anyway - hopefully the data is recoverable (please God!), it's not like it was in a fire or anything; and Matt's ordered a new hard drive that should be here Tuesday. But until that arrives and he can install it/an operating system/all the applications I need, I am dead in the water except when he's here and I can borrow his laptop. But hey! Maybe I can get some projects done while I wait, since I can't blog and I'll be finished the last Twilight book by tomorrow (hee hee!) Matt and I are off tomorrow afternoon for our 24 hour get-a-way, so I look forward telling you all about the resort later in the week when I get back. CYA!


  1. That sucks a duck!

    Have a fabulous time on your little trip! Do it like bunnies.....

  2. Did Connie really just write that this "sucks a duck"...? And did she tell you to "do it like bunnies"....?

    What's with the farm animals?

    (although I must agree: this does suck and I hope you have a lovely trip.) :)

  3. Wow Jen, you may have to put a warning on your blog with comments about bunnies, and what not ;) LOL!!

    I also agree with Connie and Vivienne...let it be a second honeymoon...go ahead and be like the bunnies!!

    I'm sure the computer will be fine. Hubby has been on me to backup are not the first I've read about this happening to. And everyone has been able to recover their data. So smile and enjoy your trip!!

    xoxo ~Lisa

  4. I hope you get all your pics restored! We lost most of ANthony's first year pics :(

    I really hope you are having a great getaway! We leave in a week and I am STOKED!!!

    I just finished the third book this morning and I am DYING to get to the bookstore for the fourth! I wish I had bought it already!!!

    Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  5. Oh my goodness... losing a hard drive is terrible!

  6. Oh boy do I know your computer problems. We just had to break down and buy a new one last month. Our old one was on the verge of dying for the longest time and I had to put my foot down before losing our son's entire life in pictures. At least you have the distraction of a good book for the time being!

  7. I'm so sorry that happened! Sounds like your hubby is pretty computer savvy though.

    When our computer crashed, we were able to take it in and pay $40 for them to back it up before working on in, and it recoverd everything! Yay! I think we took it to Circuit city or Best Buy, or something like that.


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