Sunday, May 10, 2009

I don't think it could have been any nicer!

First, Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there! I, for one, had a wonderful day! Evie (who has been planning this for a month!) brought me breakfast in bed (pancakes, strawberries, coffee and orange juice - prepared by Dad, of course!) I had the luxury of staying in bed until I finished breakfast (heaven!) and then came downstairs to find some lovely gifts waiting for me :

Truffles from Schakolad, an Ann Taylor gift card (!) and the new Nora Roberts novel; not pictured are my cool new Skechers! The flowers came on Friday....

then Matt took the little ones to Lowes for project mateials while Evie and William came to church with me.

By the time we got home, Jason was napping; I grabbed lunch for myself and then spent most of the afternoon on the deck with Edward and Bella while I read Twilight. Ok people, I see what all the fuss is about and I am HOOKED. I'm surprised I'm actually sitting here typing instead of reading but that's probably due to the wine I drank while cooking dinner (and after). Which I didn't mind cooking because Matt had all the kids outside while I cooked in peace. Crabcakes! I've never met a crabcake I didn't like :-) Then we got the little ones to bed while I made those little individual molten chocolate cakes, which we ate while playing Mario Kart with Evie and William. and oh how I do suck at video games :0

Anyway, the only thing I didn't do today which I had planned was run, but tomorrow I am BACK ON THE WAGON people, time to get serious & get this flab gone! I'm done with it following me around. No Excuses!

I hope you all had a wonderful day, I thoroughly enjoyed mine - it's back to the grind tomorrow, and Matt's out of town again until Thursday evening - last trip for a while, so that's all good!


  1. Awww...your day sounds wonderful. It looks like you got some fantastic gifts!! I attempted to play Mario Kart too....which I am awful at and my kids think is a RIOT!

    Have a great week!


  2. Looks like you did have an excellent day...and you deserve it.

  3. Sounds like a perfect day!!! Did you know that Nora Roberts lives right around here? HEr and her husband have an inn close by! I heart her books :)

    Twilight.... loved it! The second one not so much, but I am reading the third and OMG it ROCKS!!!

    I slacked on my exercise yesterday too! HAve a happy Monday! :)

  4. What thoughtful gifts. I know what you mean about "Twilight" I didn't want to get sucked in but I ended up spending about 10 days straight with my nose stuck in all four books.

  5. Happy Mother's Day!

    Sounds like it was a great day!

  6. What a nice day - good for you!

  7. Oh that sounds heavenly. (Esprcially the sleep in/breakfast in bed part!) How sweet that your little ones planned it.

  8. Sounds like a perfect day!

  9. That sounds just awesome Jen! I still haven't tried the Twilight series yet. Everyone is talking though...maybe I should see what the fuss is all about. I had a great day too. Our son was baptized and we had some family over for lunch.

  10. Glad your mothers day was good for you. I had to jump on the treadmill today, after taking some time off while Tom was out of town. Not fun, but I did it!

  11. What a great day! It sounds like it was perfect. And I'm so glad you like Twilight. Me too!!!


  12. Sounds like a great day for you and everyone in your family!


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