Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

As Colleen commented the other day, today is a big day for me - I ran a race and finished a marathon! Matt's plane should be on the ground right about now so my marathon week of caring for the kids by myself is almost over. Thank you GOD! It's been a long one, I don't know how single parents do it! I know he got the kids some goodies in Japan (he had a 7-hour layover in Tokyo) because AMEX called this morning to make sure the toy store charge wasn't fraud. I can't wait to see what he brought them!

Today was the 10k and I am very happy to announce that I completed it in under 1 hour. Yes, 1 hour! My Dad and Evie were there at the finish for me and I think he was surprised to see me that soon. Hee hee! I don't know my exact time yet, it will probably be in the paper on Monday, but it was just over 9 minutes per mile. I am really amazed, I was expecting to be closer to 10 or 11. I really lucked out with the weather, it was overcast, a little drizzly and about 60 degrees, which made it a LOT easier than hot and sunny would have been - and probably helped me with my time.

It was an interesting experience - I'm used to running my little 2 mile loop & always knowing where I am & how far I have to go; today, I had NO clue where I stood; supposedly there were markers, but I didn't see a time clock or marker until mile 5 (maybe that was a good thing!) - at that point I figured I'd be in around 1 hour. There were over 1200 people running today, if you can imagine! Anyway - here's some pictures (courtesy of my Dad and Evie!), I've got to finish Matt's birthday cake & get the pizza dough going in the bread machine! I'll talk a bit more about this on EMME at Amber's on Wednesday :-)

Ready, set, go!

Me, almost at the finish line! Wahoo!

Evie and me, post race

Evie enjoying my popsicle wearing
Grandad's hat from his visit to Hoover Dam

My support team!
Thank you both for getting up at 5:45
so I'd have someone at the finish line today.
I really appreciate it!


  1. You are a 10K runnin' 4 kid jugglin' cake bakin' goddess!

  2. Woo hoo!! That's awesome!! You are amazing!

    TWO marathons in one week!!

    Can't wait to hear about the pizza dough.

  3. That is AWESOME!!! You did great! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!! CONGRATULATIONS! You rock!

    Enjoy having your hubby home :)

  4. I didn't think you were going to be busy enough so I left you anoither award ;) If you have a chance if not NO biggie! I know you have a lot going on!

  5. Wow you really are supermom! Look at you go. You made a great time...I hope you are very proud of yourself. Enjoy having Matt home!

  6. Yay Jen! I am pretty much in awe of you! Can't wait to hear more about the race :)

  7. Jen, Congratulations!! My hubby used to be a dedicated runner until he had knee surgery. But he did run the 100th Boston Marathon and the Marine Corps Marathon in DC. And of couse, many,many races. We have a great big 15K in our town. It is quite well known and is called the Boilermaker. Come visit!! I was the director for 8 years of the Youth Run associated with this event. (Then I got tired and REtired!) Look at

  8. That is so awesome! I am seriously impressed with your time!

    You are an inspiration to me...I want to run a race!

  9. Woo hoo! I am so proud of you! And after such a long week. You did great!!!

    And now your hubby's home and you can be off duty for a while.


  10. Wow! I'm impressed! :) Good for you. What a great goal to set for yourself, and what a great example to your children.

  11. AWESOME! You did great! I knew you would....

    I have a couple of comments. Your outfit is adorable! LOVE IT! That is my favorite color and it looks fabulous on you! AND I love your hat! What a great idea.

    I don't know where you live but the houses at the finish line are beautiful!

    So happy that your hubby is home and you can celebrate his birthday!

    By the way, you are an inspiration!

  12. Wow!! Congrats on the 10K!! I am lucky if I can ever get myself to run a 5K! My hubby loves to run and has done a few races, so I think I am happy to be a "supporter" for now!

    By now, your hubby should be home! Hope ya'll had a great Saturday and an even better Sunday!


  13. Wow, where is your cape?! You are seriously some sort of superhero! Your Evie is so cute -- look how proud she is of you in that picture!

    Hope you have a great week with your husband home!

  14. AWESOME JOB!!!!!!! That is so cool on doing it in under an hour! That is my goal also for my race in a few weeks.

    Yea for hubby being home!

  15. CONGRATS! That is an awesome time too!!


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