Sunday, February 7, 2010


Did you hear about the little snow storm we had here on the east coast this weekend? Honestly I don't think I've seen this much snow at one time in my entire life. I haven't seen official totals for our area yet, but I'm thinking it was at least 30 inches of snow. 30 inches, people. And powder! Oh my word, the powder. If we could get out of our town (and if the little ones were big enough) we would be at the slopes, I am sure. But! We do have a little hill in our yard that is just perfect for sledding on, and Handy Hubby did a bang-up job of creating a fabulous sled track for the little ones. Much better to be outside playing than inside bickering and trashing the house.

Two things that I am extremely grateful for 1) Matt made it back home from his week in San Diego on a red-eye Friday morning - some of his co-workers are still stuck out there! and 2) we were not among the unfortunate thousands whose power went out with this storm. Some pictures (ok, a lot of pictures!):

Friday 2/5/10 around 12 noon

Saturday 2/6/10 around 12 noon
Matt clearing a walking path for little Jason
My poor arborvitae by the fence!
I love the little puff of baby's breathe :)
Matt making a walking path up the hill; that fence is 4 feet tall.Looking at the neighbor's yard

Sunday 2/7/10 around 12 noon!
William working his way up the hill to sled
Check out the snow on the roof! Watch out Jason!
Walking path up the hill
Sarah, much happier playing in the fort
Evie and William sharing a saucer
Jason and Mommy sledding!
Harried Mom's snow covered house
He's still smiling, even with all the work :)

I wonder if Evie and William will go to school at all this week - more snow is forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday, and the rumor is another 6 inches. I haven't seen an estimate yet myself so I'm choosing not to believe that. We'll see. (I thought I lived in Virginia? Must be that global warming climate change stuff.) edited: just updated us with a Storm Watch - another possible 5 or more inches coming Tuesday into Wednesday. Lovely :)

Here's the song I've had in my head since Friday evening when I had the radio on to listen to the weather. How annoying that I couldn't download it to my iPod right away, unless I wanted the entire Scooby Doo 2 soundtrack - um, no thank you. I love the internet :)


  1. Yep, it's official...we can no longer be friends. ;P

  2. I LOVE that song! I haven't heard it forever! :)
    The snow is amazing. Really amazing. I just think of how pretty it is now but when it thaws are you all gonna flood??

  3. Ohhh goodness that is A LOT OF SNOW!!! It looks soooo fun. Wish I was there... for like a day - then after that it would be way too much work getting my kids all geared up to play outside because they would ask about every 5 seconds I'm sure. HA! Love the pics... nothing more pretty then freshly fallen snow!

  4. Ok, do you live down the street from me? Because my neck of the woods got dumped on by a snow blizzard too. Love the pics, especially the one of the 'baby's breath', so precious! Try to stay warm in the blizzard aftermath! :-)

  5. Love the pictures! It is crazy how much we got... We went sledding today and had a blast! I am going to try to make a sled path in out backyard tomorrow... Not sure how well that will work though! Glad Matt made it home safe and sound!!

  6. OH my goodness, that is a lot of snow. Amazing photos! Looks like you all had a lot of fun. I know you are glad your hubby made it home before the snow.

  7. Wow - look at all of that snow! That is just amazing! It reminds me of this huge storm we had in Michigan one year. The snow was up past the first floor windows in our house. The schools were closed for 2 weeks.

    I love those tunnels and the sleds - looks so fun! Keep warm! I bet you are having snow days for a while!


  8. Ok- seriously- that looks like so much fun- I know it isn't but I just wish for one week to live in a snowy area like that. The track you made in the backyard was SO SO SO cool!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing all your winter fun pictures with us!!


  9. That's amazing and so pretty! Drink lots of hot chocolate and stay warm!

  10. Now you know what it feels like to live up North :)

  11. Great song and photos. I kind of wish we'd get another big storm and have an excuse to stay inside.

  12. Great song and photos. I kind of wish we'd get another big storm and have an excuse to stay inside.

  13. I haven't heard that song in forever....but sounds perfect for me.

    HOLY COW that's some snow!!

  14. OK, so you know how we are seriously thinking about a move back east??? I think the SNOW DAY and KIDS HOME FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME just changed my mind! God Bless you. I really should send you deserve a gift of some sort.

    I have had kids home forever PUKING. It has been so much fun. Really. I love it. The joy. I am so blessed.

    Matt was so darn close to us! I should have stolen him out of San Diego...if only we weren't all puking....

    hang in there mama...

  15. Winter Wonderland! Love the baby's breath as well.

  16. How great is it that your Hubs could get on that flight! Was it wild for him getting from the airport in your area home? I’d love to show the photos to my kids but they will just moan and groan about how it is NOT FAIR that we have rain, rain, rain all the time for 6 months and cold, cold days too but no snow (one day off in January for a sprinkling and icy roads though).
    Those walkways are amazing!
    How much laundry did you have to do with wet clothes?? 

  17. Oh Jen, I just saw a possible 16 - 20 inches...could it really be?! I can't believe this winter!! I'll have to post up some of the video I got of the kids trying to get thru the snow!

    xoxo ~Lisa

  18. That is unbelievable, I actually said Shut Up out loud!

    Very cool sledding trail, what a guy you've got there.

    I hope you have plenty of food since it doesn't look like you're going anywhere anytime soon. We had a small grocery, more like corner store, near our house when I was growing up. The owner owned snowmobiles and would open in the most outrageous weather. We luckily had snowmobiles too, there many storms that we would have done without if we hadn't had them!

  19. absolutely loven' the look of all that snow!!!
    we have had a sad winter snow and now it appears spring has sprung.. : (
    Where is my winter????

    love that song!


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