Monday, February 1, 2010

Is it a blog post without a picture?

I was going to talk about being a Mom today; how before you become one, you just don't really know what you're getting yourself into. Even after you have that first baby, it really isn't until they are walking-talking entities that you REALLY get an idea of what it's all about.

I was going to pull some recent pictures off the camera, ones that had absolutely nothing to do with my ramblings, and maybe try to tie it together somehow. Because it just feels like less if there aren't any pictures to go with it.

So I inserted the camera card into the slot and - you guessed it - I've got nothing. My lovely PC is not recognizing any of the drives. This happened sometime before Christmas, and Matt did the fix-it thingy of opening the case up and unplugging/replugging it all back together. I'm out of luck today because Matt left this morning on a trip to San Diego and won't be back until Friday. So! Being that I am not about to do any of that myself, my lovely thoughts on Motherhood will have to wait for another time when I'm inspired to write about it again.

I can, however offer you this:

No, my house is not huge as you might infer from this picture.
And I hate that red paint.
And yes my Christmas tablecloth is still in the dining room.

And I guess I had a picture after all!

The webcam Matt ordered so we can video chat while he's on a few trips this winter arrived today and I was able to hook it up myself - Yay me! (Ok, I plugged in the USB and installed the software.) So that's me at my desk! Enjoying nap time :)

Of course, Matt will have to give me the user name and password for Skype, because he set that up before he left and didn't give me any of that information. Nor did he give me his trip itinerary and hotel information - you'd think he was a double secret agent or something. Apparently I was supposed to ask. Hmmm.....


  1. I ♥ love ♥ the red paint ;) And yes, your house does look huge. And I'm looking forward to your thoughts on motherhood :)

  2. I like the red paint too.

    My hubby never tells me any of his info either. He went to Baltimore on his last trip and I thought he was in Alabama.

    You are so cute!

  3. You are SO CUTE!!!!!! And I personally love the red paint!!


  4. And you can wear a hoodie and still look beautiful. Did I ever tell you that I don't like you? JUST KIDDING! :)

  5. Well your home looks huge from this angle! Very pretty decorating!

  6. Ditto on what everyone just said!!

    You are SO cute!

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts.

    ♥ the red door!

    ♥ you!


  7. Oh garsh, how frustrating ! The picture of you is so cute !

  8. You are the cutest Jen! And your house looks beautiful!!! I am the same way with Jeff. I never know where he is, where he's staying, or what time he's coming home. It's a good thing there are cell phones, or I would really be in the dark!

    Have a wonderful week my friend!


  9. Around here, we don't call it naptime...we call it Happy Hour :)

  10. Secret double agent indeed! That's how he can afford that huge house with the snazzy red paint. AND how he snagged a pretty girl ;)

  11. Lovely! Dontcha hate when they forget to give you info and tell you it's your fault? :) Love the red and the mouldings. Those are fab!

  12. I would love to Skype but I don't know how, LOL!!

    I received my giveaway package yesterday and it is FABULOUS!! I love everything, thank you!!

    Take Care,

  13. I was thinking "I love that red" and then I read "I hate the red". And I thought the table cloth in the back matched the walls. No one would have known had you not spilled.

    Good luck with the Skype thing!

  14. Hmmm..I'm wondering if I would have to clean my house before I take a "spontaneous" photo!

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