Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some bad haiku for you :)

I can't seem to come up with any coherent thoughts to post here but I've had haiku on the brain lately, so I scribbled some down to share today. 'Cause I've got nothing else; Jason didn't nap, and Evie and William will be walking in the door any minute after their first day back to school since Thursday February 4th. Matt's on his way to Hawaii until Saturday and I'm on my own. At least it isn't snowing anymore. Here goes:

Poor sick coughing boy
Playing instead of napping
Early bed tonight

Sassy little girl
You screeching screaming sweetheart
Much too much like me

Flying somewhere warm
Leaving kids, chores, snow behind
I envy you, Matt

Harried Mom of Four
Your house is a complete sty
Off the computer!

I am trying very hard this week to 1) clean my house and 2) finish some projects and hopefully 3) find time to visit my blog friends now that Snowmageddon is over and my children are back in school. Hallelujah :)


  1. So your kids are gonna be in school til August huh? So sad.
    I can NOT believe your hubs gets to go to Hawaii!!! So jealous. Even though it's for work. :)

  2. So, cute! Love your haikus!

    Glad your snow has ended. Hope you have some sunshine coming your way!

  3. Love those haikus! My son loved making those up for a long time. I'll have to show him yours!

    Good luck this week! My house is a sty too!


  4. Snowmageddon is over?!?!!

    Can you tell our town? {{sigh}}

  5. That was cute...nice job.


  6. I can SOOOOO relate to your situation. :) Especially the sty and desire to get some projects done. I wish by hubby leaves tomorrow for a few weeks. :)

    I wish you could come over and dump the kiddos off...I'll make sure they have fun and feed them lovely meals...and make sure they don't choke on marbles and eat too much dirt. :)

    Looking forward to hearing about your projects!!!

  7. Glad your snow has ended and the kids are back to school. Try and steal a quiet moment to yourself.

  8. Finally cleaned my house after 3 weeks of neglect. Hated it while I was doing it but I feel so much better now.

  9. You still have enough brain power to compose poems - amazing!!!

  10. I need to get off the computer and tend to my house too. But the computer is so much more fun!


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