Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stalking RPattz

I have to confess, tomorrow morning I turn into a Celebrity Stalker. Don't worry, I'm not alone in this insanity, there are two other maybe-not-right-in-the-head moms going on this adventure with me, so hopefully we'll make it back, sanity intact with some PICTURES (I hope!) to prove we were successful in our quest.
You see, our favorite Twilight star, affectionately known as RPattz, is premiering his new film, Remember Me, in New York City tomorrow evening. In fact, the internet buzz is that Rob arrived yesterday along with his BFF Tom Sturridge AND (drum roll...) Kristen Stewart! We may get a two-fer here and see BOTH our Twilight stars! Oh, and Pierce Brosnan too. How cool will that be? Any other old people remember Remington Steele?

Funny story, I booked a hotel not really knowing where the premier would be, and it turns out it's only 4 short blocks away. This is fate, I'm telling you.

So! Tomorrow morning, Megan, Kerri and I are heading to the train for our whirlwind trip to the Big Apple, and I'll be facebooking along the way thanks to my handy dandy iPhone. If you'd like to 'friend' me and follow along, find me at girlyshappymom at yahoo dot com. (And does anyone know why people spell it all out on blogs? I'm curious.)

Wish us luck! (And honestly? Even if we don't see anyone, I'm getting the heck out of Dodge for 24+ hours, so that in itself will be lots of fun!)


  1. Have fun!

    The spambots will find you, if you leave your email address out there...dumb, I know.

  2. Jealous! You are lucky!
    Send him a kiss from me...I'm team Jacob...but you know I love RPattz too! :) Besides, maybe he'll pass it on to Jacob for me...? I sound crazy. Which is why I'd be perfect to go with you!

  3. sounds like fantastic fun - have a ball!

  4. Have fun!!! can't wait to hear all about your adventure!!

  5. Have so much fun! Can't wait to hear all about it on FB!


  6. HOW EXCITING! I recorded the Today show because he was on.

    Can't wait to follow along.....

  7. You already know that I"m extremely jealous!!! I have my fingers and toes crossed that you get to take LOTS of pics of RPattz and KStew!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

    Did I use enough exclamation points in that paragraph?

    Hope you're having a fabulous day in NYC!

  8. Sounds like one crazy but fun adventure...I hope you have a blast and catch a glimpse!!!

  9. Oh, I know you had fun! BTW, I finally read the first book. Random note- I have always loved Pierce Brosnan. Can't wait to hear about how fantastic your getaway was!

  10. This is completely unrelated to this post, but I wanted to let you know I gave you an award on my blog! Yay!

  11. You are so lucky! How fun!!!



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