Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Name is Jen and I'm an Angry Birds Addict

Sigh. I resisted it for a long time. I saw Connie's Tweets about Angry Birds. I saw people on Facebook mentioning Angry Birds. I paid no attention. Really - I have enough going on in my life in the real world, not to mention the virtual world - the blog doesn't write itself (although sometimes I wish it would - maybe it would do a better job...) and then of course I must know what my People are up to and Ted Casablanca always has some terrible things for me to read (although I really only pay attention to the RPattz and KStew stuff - oh! and Glee!) So I didn't really need Angry Birds.

Matt got an iPhone sometime around late September. I don't know how long after that he downloaded Angry Birds, but I started finding him with his phone in his hand all the time. I thought he had a girlfriend or something, he was almost a little secretive about it - turns out he was playing the game.

I STILL paid it no mind, until the kids - who of course we give our phones to in restaurants & such to keep them busy - started complaining that I didn't have Angry Birds. So I downloaded it, and played a game or two, but didn't really pay it much attention. Jason didn't like my phone though, because Matt's phone had all the levels unlocked. Because he'd finished them all. And was starting at the beginning trying to get 3 stars on all of them. So every now and then I'd play a level or two, and then get annoyed when I couldn't finish them. William has been a great help at moving things along, as he's our resident Gamer.

I wouldn't say I'd reached the addict point until maybe today. This weekend I came down with the cold everyone here has had, and since there wasn't anything on tv and I didn't feel like reading, I started playing AB. And it's sort of crept up on me from there. I walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes tonight, and the time went by in a FLASH! And THEN I sat at the kitchen table to cool down, with a glass of wine poured on the counter, and completely forgot it was there while I tried my best to defeat level 4-13. There's a reason I don't play video games - I think I sat there for an hour and 15 minutes until I finally took control and said enough is enough.

My name is Jen and I'm an Angry Birds Addict :)
Matt's traveling for a few days, and we're on our own here for a bit. It was awfully quiet this evening - William had some free time for Super Mario Galaxy Quest, and Jason had disappeared upstairs with Evie. I brought Sarah upstairs to get pjs on and found Evie and Jason snuggled up on her bed - he was watching her play a hamster game on her DS :)

Evie has sort of become like the Pied Piper for Jason, and to some extent Sarah - you should HEAR how excited he gets when Evie comes home from school - it's really sweet :) She's in a good spot right now - thankfully, because her pre-Christmas behavior was something awful.
I'll take her cooperation while I can get it, because I know that surely it won't last long :)


  1. Sounds like something that could easily suck me in....need to stay away from things like that.
    Have a great day.

  2. I'm on my own for 10 days as well and my youngest starting barfing at 10:30pm last night and hasn't stopped. I really hope it doesn't run through the other two. As for AB, the boys downloaded it on my phone but I have so far resisted the temptation,

  3. My neighbor just showed my son how to play that game on his i-phone, and now that's the request for mine. I guess I will be downloading angry birds!

  4. My hubby was addicted too - I would find him with that damn phone in his hand playing and he would get ashamed at being caught- they would play it at work...and he's the boss!!!!!

    Argh- tried it once - didn't like it - not gonna try it again.


  5. You know you have a problem when you forget about drinkin' to play Angry Birds. Priorities Jen!!!


  6. You should know that there is a Angry Birds far there are halloween and Christmas games.

    and they just released this thing that costs .99 to have a giant black bird come in and crash through everything.

    Sorry you're addicted! But join the club!

  7. I played Angry Birds for the very first time yesterday on a friend's Ipad and OMG I can see why you are addicted.

    Precious pics of your kiddos!

  8. We are Angry Bird fans over here - but I haven't paid for the app yet, just using the free version. Love it!

  9. It's funny that I have a post in the draft list about this damn game. LOL

  10. will continue to try and master it until you get frustrated enough to throw it through your window. And then you will delete it from your phone because you hate its face.

    Good luck.

  11. That is why I don't ever even start something like AB - I get addicted far too easily!

  12. Maybe it will last...maybe it'll be smooth sailing from here on out for Evie. She's so cute w/ her little cat ears. Love the pics!

    I used to be an Angry Birds Addict. Michael and I would lay in bed at night yelling profanities at our phones. It was probably quite comical. I've eased back a bit, but I still play a lot. Isaiah is a junkie too.

    Hope you guys are having a great week!

  13. This is so hilarious! I can completely relate! I've been addicted to Angry Birds too and it's a big effort to actually stop playing it for the day LOL.

    Another app I love is Intuition ( Ever since I used it, I became much more organized and much less forgetful and stressed. It works really well and is easy to use. Plus, it looks cute and is totally free!


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