Thursday, January 20, 2011

My 5 days alone with the kids...

So I've backed away from my phone and Angry Birds long enough to sit down and update El Blog-o. Did you know that Angry Birds has a holiday edition? I finished the regular version the other night & then moved on to the Seasons one - purely for Jason's entertainment, mind you - I get no joy from this at ALL :) HA! There's a reason I don't play video games - I know better. Anyway - on to my week alone. I survived! Matt left me at o'dark early on Wednesday of last week to travel to Louisiana (Wheezy Nana in Sarah-speak) for his dad's birthday. I can't really remember much of what happened Wednesday through Friday afternoon, as the kids were in school - I think I cleaned the house, blew my nose a lot, shuffled them around to activities, blew my nose a lot, and yelled at William. A lot. (And blew my nose a lot). Even though I tried not to (yell at William, that is). But when I found him in his pjs, and he swore up and down he'd showered, and his hair was bone dry, I admit I lost it. I think he got the message - the rest of the week went much smoother. Anyway! I really need to pick up the camera more, because I find they drive what I remember to talk about.

After the big kids got home from school on Friday, Sarah had her first winter ballet/tap class at the Parks and Rec center. She was the only one to show up, and was lucky enough to have a 45 minute private lesson with Miss Alyssa!

After class, we had hot dogs and strawberries - Sarah's choice - for dinner, and then settled in to watch a movie (this was a running theme this weekend, watching movies). I'd recorded Tooth Fairy on HBO & the kids really got a kick out of it. I was a little bit worried that it might spark some thoughts as to the existence of the Tooth Fairy, as Evie's starting to reason more & William's in the midst of losing his front teeth, but so far so good - they all got a  kick out of it, and Evie and Sarah actually dug out their fairy wings on Saturday to play around in.

Saturday afternoon the $2 theater was playing Mega Mind so off the 5 of us went to the movies! I love the $2 theater, it's REALLY nice to be able to take 5 people to the movies - drinks, popcorn and candy too - for under $30. We had fun making Twizzlers into vampire teeth while we waited for the movie to start...

...and afterwords I took everyone to the mall. On a Saturday afternoon, by myself, which I never do. And I let them SPEND their allowance money! Or at least a little bit anyway. The little two got to pick out two small things from our stop at Target, and then we all went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday. It was quite blissful! Of course, I let the big kids play their new DS games...
...and Sarah and Jason did a fabulous job entertaining each other while I looked on and took pictures. Thankfully, Ruby Tuesday at 5pm on a Saturday night is pretty empty - at least until the spillover of people unwilling to wait an hour for a table at Olive Garden arrives.

So the kids entertained themselves, I didn't cook or clean up, and I was delivered a yummy glass of wine :) What more could I ask for?? We went home, everyone had baths, and lights were out for everyone by 8:30. Heaven! And then I stayed up way too late playing Angry Birds. (sigh)

Sunday was a pretty easy day too. A first for me, I took the big two to Sunday school and then we all went to church! I have to say, I was very proud of myself :) I'm pretty sure Matt was surprised that I pulled that off - usually he's the one hustling Evie and William down there at 9:45 am for Sunday School while I'm in the shower or something. All in all, it was a good day, and a really nice weekend! It was really nice to not have much of an agenda for once, and just focus on having fun. We don't do that often enough, I think.
To the two cars of people in the parking lot who witnessed me barking at William as I raced ahead of you to the door of the restaurant Saturday night: I'm sorry. My particular brand of crazy had it in my head that if I didn't beat you inside, I wouldn't get a table (even thought I knew there were plenty). And I NEEDED a table. And also, I'd been barking at William all FREAKING afternoon to put DOWN his DS and GET OUT OF THE FREAKING VAN. It was getting very old at that point, as the 4 of us stood in the cold and waited for him for the umpteenth time. So again, I'm sorry :)
Matt arrived home around midnight Sunday night, and one of the first things he did was surprise me with a souvenir! The kids all got Mardi Gras beads, and I got a TWILIGHT CUP! Just the incentive I need to drink more water! Or at least I will know who's cup is who's now :) If you aren't a Twi-fan, read no further - if you are, I have to say - my new cup makes me happy :)

So that's it! Matt's off again on Monday morning for another 5 day trip, and I'll be pretty much doing what I did last week. I only hope I'm not blowing my nose nearly as much :)


  1. Wow, you did it! And you'll be doing it again!
    I totally get the out-to-dinner scene. My Hubs traveled some when the kids were ages 3,5 and 7 and it was so much easier at dinner when I'd take them out to eat.
    --Saw previews at the movies the other day of Water for Elephants and he wasn't looking like Edward but he looked really good....

  2. As you know, I love when when my husband goes away! Only because it is one less breakfast, lunch, dinner, beer to hand over, clothes to wash, dishes to clean...just one less person for me to take care of. It's like a vacation! I also like it, because it allows you to see what you DO rely on when your spouse is not know, the things he does that dare I say, we just might take for granted. I run around thinking "I do it all" a lot, but when Nick is gone, I realize that the garbage cans don't move themselves, and that I don't make any money for what I do, and that Jack needs to be driven to a different sport every two seconds....

    Glad you feels good to do things on your own and do them WELL, right? And trust me, in another year, four kids will be so stupidly easy to manage, you will think "is this ALL of my kids??" That is where I am at now.
    But until do get that fabulous husband of yours to show up and help more than any other husband I know...(I can say this because I have met Matt) my dear, have hit the jack pot of husbands. ;-)

  3. You are a rock star Mom! It's all I can do to handle my two girls {mind you they're 11 & 16} for two days on the rare occasion my hubby travels!

    You have my vote for Mother of the Year, barking at William and all!

  4. That sounds like a fun week! And how freakin cute is Sarah in that ballet outfit?

  5. So all in all you had a pretty great week. :)
    Now, help me get past level 15 on Angry Birds. It's pissing me off.

  6. Will you adopt me? Movies and Olive Garden? Your week sounds heavenly! What a FUN FUN mom you are!

  7. After reading that, I want a glass of wine....

  8. Is there anything cuter than little girls in tap shoes? That's what I want to know! It sounds like you had a very busy, but good week! I'm proud of ya! :)

  9. Two things I love about these pics...the little girl in the little leotard AND
    the glass of wine situated perfectly in the photos.

  10. Good Job Mama! My hubby works A LOT so I can totally relate to the running around doing a million things will all of the kiddos in tow. Your barking at William made me feel better... man do I bark alot. Sigh. Mmmm Ruby Tuesdays' sounds sooo good! Oh & SERIOUSLY could Sarah look any cuter in her little pink ballet outfit. Oh my gosh, she is beyond adorable! AND how super awesome that she got Miss Alyssa all to herself!

    So... is Matt giving you a night away once he is done traveling? I get my only day away a year this coming weekend. Can I just say it is an awful good thing I do too because I am beginning to worry that one evening my hubby may come home to find me locked in a closet hiding from the girls.


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