Sunday, January 9, 2011

The one where I don't really talk about anything.

Dare I say, this was a relaxing weekend? Imagine! A weekend with NO plans, NO pressure, and NO holiday expectations to deliver A Good Time Had By All! It really was pretty fabulous - and I can't even tell you what we did. Oh wait - Matt kicked my butt playing Gran Turismo on the playstation Friday night, I do remember that much. And we did go bowling as a family today - William threw his typical fits because he wasn't winning (um, William, you're 7 and bowling almost as well as me??) - and Sarah did terrific! Jason still isn't interested but we're almost to the point of really being able to do almost anything as a family - YAY!!!! So I really don't have anything earth-shattering to share, other than some random thoughts:
  • We're trying to get moving on the master bathroom remodel that was begun in March of last year, but are a little annoyed at the flooring place nearby - nearly 4 weeks after a visit to discuss and measure and still no quote. How do places like that stay in business? 
  • Jason, after making really great progress getting himself to the potty, has turned completely 3 now and has no interest in doing that anymore. Or doing anything we ask him to without me counting to three first. And Dad isn't allowed to help him in ANY way, doing ANY thing WHATSOEVER if Mom is anywhere nearby.
  • I managed to kill off William's hermit crab through neglect. If you're a hermit crab lover, I'm really sorry - but this one never even peeked out of his shell when people were around and I sort of forgot about him. Oops :(
  • I've caught the crud that the little kids and Daddy-O (my new random nickname for Matt!) have been dealing with - sore throat? Check! Runny nose? Check! Lousy night's sleep? I'm sure that's coming my way! Hopefully - hopefully! This will be short-lived for me. I have a theory about colds - Matt grew up in the south, I grew up in the north, and things that hit me hard sometimes barely make him sneeze & vice versa. Sometimes it'll hit us both hard, and then others, he'll get sick and I won't, or the opposite. I'm thinking colds are regional. But what do I know??
Anyway - Daddy-O (!) is traveling on Wednesday to visit his family, so cross your fingers that I don't get buried under a ton of snow and get stuck in the house with the four for days on end :) I may not survive - or, at least not with my sanity intact.
Santa brought me a Flip for Christmas, and I wanted to do a little demo of my life here with the fab four, using Hex Bugs and Perler Beads. If you have a minute and 30 seconds or so, enjoy :)


  1. You're trip!

    My youngest comes home, washes her hands, grabs a snack, immediately starts her homework and puts her things in the same spot. Every day. Without fail and without reminding.

    My oldest homes home and leaves a trail of random crap that starts at her car in the garage, I am never able to find the end.

    That's when the fighting begins and doesn't stop until they are either not breathing the same air or asleep.

    Yep, it's a glorious life!

  2. We had a great weekend too! Happy times!

    Love that little video! Those bugs are creeping me out!

  3. The video was GREAT!! I truly laughed out loud. Thanks for making me feel "normal". :)

  4. I love it!! My husband and oldest child are just like Evie, they leave a trail!

  5. That was the BEST video!!! LOL!! :)

  6. Love the video. Here's hoping there's not enough snow to call of school tomorrow.

  7. That video is hilarious. I love your demostration.

    Glad you had a "no plans" kind of weekend. I want one of those so bad right now.

    Hope you're having a great week!♥

  8. Oh my gosh - that video is hilarious! So TRUE!! Love little Jason....

    Hope you are feeling better momma!!


  9. I don't believe any of it.
    I've been at your home.
    It is wonderful.
    And quiet.
    And you have deer in your yard.
    I've slept in Evie's comfortable bed.
    I've read to your kids.
    You made me coffee.
    Your husband poured me water.
    It was paradise.
    It was peaceful.
    And I saw no trail.
    Except for socks...there was a trail of socks...
    and vomit.
    A lot of vomit.

    OK. Fine.
    Socks and vomit.
    But other than THAT.....



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