Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie night, skiing, and Santa. And a potential craft. Or maybe crap. Who knows.

Friday night was movie night for the elementary schools! Everybody - that is, everybody under the age of maybe 11 - wore pjs & we all went to the middle school to watch How to Train your Dragon! I have to say, this went a lot smoother for us this year than it did last year, in part because Sarah and Jason are a year older, and also maybe it was a bit less crowded, and I think the movie appealed to them more. Our PTO does a fabulous job at having events like movie night and Bingo for Books a  couple times a year, and it's a nice family evening out where Mom doesn't have to cook & a good time is had by all.

Jason was of course my constant companion, he played Angry Birds while Matt entertained himself with some light reading; there was an intermission where I really got a kick out of watching William do the chicken dance, and we really just all layed around on blankets on the floor for a few hours eating junk like hot dogs, cheetos, and m&ms. What more could you ask for, other than a chair to sit in?? Next year Matt and I will be off the floor like civilized people :)

Moving on! William lost his second tooth this weekend, finally!, and was visited by the tooth fairy! It's funny to hear him talking with a lisp now :) It seems like it took him forever to lose these first two teeth - he's been waiting a long time to catch up with his friend Dusty at school. So far the tooth fairy is two for two with remembering to visit William at night and pick up his teeth :)

Matt and I had a date on Saturday night, we had a babysitter in & we went skiing! Well, I went skiing and he went snow boarding. On what was probably one of the coldest nights of the year. Crap it was cold! We got there at 5pm, took a break at 6:30, and left I think by 8:15. The low Saturday night was about 15 degrees. Tonight (Sunday) it's supposed to be 7. Thank God for indoor heating, no?
Self-portrait from the chair lift. Lovely, no? I actually took off my glove to take this fabulous picture :)

So, what else? I picked up my Santa from the pottery place this past week, I think he turned out pretty great! Now the question is, will he sit on my window sill until next Christmas, or will I actually make the effort to take him downstairs and put him with the rest of the Christmas decorations? Time will tell - I've been known to let things go just that long...

And finally, since the kids have off from school today (Monday, teacher work day...) I actually have a craft for the girls to do! Evie and Sarah both have some bottle cap necklaces that are just SO cute, and after seeing Jen from Tatertots and Jello link up her gift tag tutorial, I've had them on the brain and have stalked down the supplies necessary to make a few of these. Or 100. Whatever. The local craft shops didn't have the bottle caps or the magnets, & I found a place online to get pretty much everything I needed, but in bulk. And then I went to Michaels today for paper and stickers and lost I think at least an hour gathering up the rest of the 'pretties'. Anyway - I'm sure these look much better in my head than they will actually turn out to be, but I have a TON of stuff to practice with :) And Evie and Sarah are excited to make them. I guess I can spare a few & just let them have fun, before I take over and make mine.
Wish me luck! I also have to make sure William finishes his science project due this week, his topic is 'Astronaut' and while I was out lost at the craft store today William and Matt worked out the details of the game he made up, and tomorrow we have to put it all together. Matt leaves in the morning for another week-long trip, so I'm on my own again. At least it isn't snowing a ton here and I likely won't have to shovel myself out. At least I hope not. Fingers crossed!


  1. What's a date? LOL!! I love your skiing photo.

    Santa turned out great! Tatertots & Jello is one of my daily reads, she's so talented, the girls will have fun with this craft.

    Kids are too cute without their front teeth! My husband and kids are hooked on Angry Birds too!

  2. Can your eyes be any bluer? Beautiful!

    I cannot wait to see the necklaces, this may be a craft I'll have to try with Peanut. I'll head over to T & J, I must have missed that post.

  3. I have been in a craft mood as well. Must be the freezing cold, too much snow, stuck inside with four kids thing. But I am wanting to craft with a giant canvas and oil paints sort of craft and no kids in sight.

    Good luck this me if you need anything! :-)

    oh..flat stanley should arrive at Evie's school TODAY!!!

  4. Wow, you guys are lucky to have a place to ski so close. And you might as well just leave that Santa's almost next Christmas anyhow! Maybe it will give the kids inspiration to be good ALL year :)

  5. Hey Pretty Girl!

    What a fun...but cold date! I still need to find a babysitter.

    Where did you get the bottle caps from please.

  6. I can't beleive you can type still after taking your glove off to get that picture. It's freakin' cold back there!
    That Santa turned out adorable.

  7. The tooth fairy has been known to 'forget' to visit our home on several occasions (oops) so well done!

    Santa is very cute by the way...I'd keep him around a little longer.

  8. Your eyes look GORGEOUS in that picture. And Matt... a lil scary! I'd freak a little if I saw that skeleton mask coming at me lol. The crafts look so fun, can't wait to see the outcome!

  9. Wow- and I thought my week was busy!!! Movies, pottery, skiing, teeth, science project - we live in the same world sister!



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