Thursday, March 24, 2011

Harried Nurse of One

Matt had his knee fixed on Wednesday morning! I don't think I've ever mentioned this before, he injured it playing indoor soccer last summer. I think it happened in his second game, poor guy :) He wore a brace for a bit & took it easy, and it seemed to stabilize for him but then over Christmas break it really started acting up. So we bit the bullet & had an MRI done in February. I say bit the bullet because we have a high-deductible insurance plan and the cost of it was pretty much out of pocket. Anywho, he went for a follow up to get the results, and lo and behold - no more visits with the PA, this time he meets with the surgeon! On an injury scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst, his was about a 7 - torn ACL, torn meniscus, and partially torn something-or-other. Surgery! and crutches for 3-4 weeks! Guess who is now a passenger in my taxi for we don't know how long yet? Since it's his right leg, we're really not sure - follow up appointment is Friday morning, I guess we'll find out then :) He's a mostly model patient, with maybe the exception of thinking he can do more than he probably should. He doesn't like to listen to me because I think I'm always right. Does the shoe fit? I say Yes!

Some things he's said in the last 36 hours:

I can get a beach house & live there alone & be happy, and he'll visit with the kids. This was post-op as he was coming back to the real world. I'd just spent 2 hours alone reading while I waited for him, and he must have noticed how pleasant and relaxed I was :)

At first he was saying he would take a taxi to the office after two weeks - mind you, the office is over an hour away. Now he's saying he'll be driving himself to work on Monday. Hmmm, maybe he's beginning to see why I'm always crabby??

So, since the kids have off from school tomorrow, I will have the pleasure of driving all six of us to the doctor! I bet they will love it when we all roll in there for his appointment :)


  1. The up side to this is he will appreciate you so much more since he will be seeing first hand all that you do!

    Heal quickly Matt!

  2. When my brother was drugged so as to have his dislocated knee put back in, he shouted "I'm Batman!" at the nurses.

  3. Oh man. I love when guys come out of surgery. They always sound so....well. Especially *retarded.* That was said in a whisper in case you couldn't tell.
    Poor guy. Hope he heals fast! Torn ACL could NOT feel good at all!

  4. Ouchie poor Matt! Hope he heals quickly. He definitely will appreciate you more, my hubby usually does when he spends an entire day with the girls. LOL.

    Oh & the doctor's office... ohhh I get those looks when they see me with all 3 of my girls roaming around. Of course some times we have to bring them all, we are stay at home moms who else is gonna watch them!

  5. late in reading this - hope it went well......

    I like the Beach house idea- will you ask Matt if I can visit??



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