Monday, March 21, 2011

My bathroom is making me fat; and some Kid Bits.

Want a sure-fire way to gain weight? Rip out your bathroom, tear apart two closets, live with the mess for 3 or 4 weeks or so while work men come and go and make a lot of dust, and then try to put it all back together again in between breaking up squabbling kids, caulking, feeding the squabbling kids, filling nail holes, playing taxi to the squabbling kids, painting, and all the other stuff you have to do to keep a family running. You end up eating whatever is at hand, and ordering a pizza. Or a bunch of stuff from the Greek place that delivers - NOT the type of sensible eating that encourages spring and summer clothing wear, you know? Because it's official, IT'S SPRING! We hit the mid-70's here on Friday and it was heaven - 53 today felt like a cruel joke after that tease, but after putting on my layer of winter fat since the New Year dawned, I need the cold weather time to reign myself back in :) But enough about that.

The bathroom is coming along, vanities are in (but need to be tweaked in one spot due to the contractor not following the plans), the trim work is up (but needs to be fixed because the contractor goofed up and I didn't realize it until Matt put the baseboard in) and the walls are painted, but need to be touched up because of the other things, and the fact that paint doesn't cover in two coats anymore - or I'm just Thinny McPainty as Matt likes to call me. I say, He Who Chooses Not To Paint has no room to complain. But really, he's been busting his hind end crossing off his punch list before knee surgery this Wednesday, and I like to paint - however thinly - so it works out well. The counter top and shower door are the two main things that are left - I'm hoping we can have our bathroom back within 3 weeks. Fingers crossed.
Kid Bits
A few weeks ago while Evie was at school, Sarah convinced me that Evie had told her she could 'watch' Evie's plastic dragon while she was at school. I was skeptical at first, but Sarah was so earnest about it that I believed her and let her into Evie's locked room to get it. My mistake. No such permission had been granted, and Sarah broke an arm off Evie's dragon, which prompted this:

Photo courtesy of William. Or Jason, I'm not sure which. Probably Jason.

This is my dwelling!
Do not enter!
ps. Sarah if you ever tell Mom I said you could watch any of my toys, your dead!

Don't feel too bad for Evie though. While checking her school lunch account online, I've discovered that she's been buying bags of Doritos at school, when available. Evie bought $9 worth of bagged chips in the 30 day span I checked. She now understands that in the future I'll be checking , and if she wants chips, she needs to bring her own money, or I'll take it out of her allowance. I've also discovered that, since we've been sharing a bathroom for the last few weeks, she's been using my deodorant. Age 9 is an interesting mix of little kid/bigger kid :)

Last week William checked the mailbox after school, as he does every day, and when he got to the house he burst into tears - 'Why doesn't anybody but me ever get the mail???' Now, all along I was under the impression that William liked getting the mail, as he checks the box every day when he gets off the bus. I've been leaving it out there for him, even when I know it's been delivered and waiting in the box. Silly me. I've assured William that he does NOT have to get the mail, and I'll bring it in from now on. It's tough, this Mom thing, you just never know whether you're doing it right or not.


  1. Oh, poor William! I can totally see myself doing the same thing as you, leaving it for him, thinking he likes to get it. And I love Evie's sign, girls are such drama! And sneaks, ahem, Sarah! Your kids are hilarious :)

  2. At least he's not calling you Fatty Mcpainty.

  3. Seriously! William. Sheesh. That's happened to me before too. I think my kids LIKE doing something so I leave it for them and come to find out I'm TORTURING them.
    And Evie. I'm guessing she's gonna be a big proponent of the death penalty when she's older. LOL

  4. In Evie's defense, she was buying Doritos. Those things call to you. It's really not her fault:)

  5. Happy blogging! Your rock and have been given the Stylish Blogger Award. Thank you for all of your awesome content.

  6. Our girls are so alike- M has been buying ice cream on the ice cream day and not telling me - I walked into lunch one day and caught her red handed! And yesterday at school she ducked when se saw me - all her friends waved at me and she DUCKED!!!! ARGHHHHHH!!


  7. So true about the mix of little/big kid! Sierra has been a liiiitle emotional lately.

    Can't wait to see updated pics of the bathroom!

  8. That sign that Evie made... SOOO FUNNY! What a little smarty Sarah is for convincing you that Evie told her she could watch her toy! William... ohhh that is my Aziza to a T! Lately I just never know what I am going to get with her. Today I took her & Amira to paint pottery & she burst into tears because she did not want to say cheese when I took a picture. Ummm ok??? Granted, she is not fully recovered from being sick but still... uggghhhh! Hope it is better by Thursday, we have a train ride scheduled & with a loong day I do not need any extra added drama. LOL.
    Can't wait to see pics of the bathroom... you would think it was happening at my house, that's how excited I am. So lame I know.


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