Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Marching along

How did it get to be March 9th? I seem to say that a lot - where does the time go? How did it get to be March? And I look around, and it doesn't seem like we're getting anywhere, with much of anything - other than the bathroom - clutter, clutter everywhere, and of course no one got anything out. Then I look at my baby - who's going to be 3-1/2 before I know it - and on one hand I panic at how quickly time is flying, and on the other I can't wait for September when he starts preschool and I have 3 hours to myself 3 days a week to cram as much as I can get done into. Phew. Because heaven knows I'm not getting much done when Sarah and Jason are home together, other than refereeing fights, wiping tears away & doling out hugs. Oh and laundry. Lots and lots of laundry :) I can't ever get on the computer anymore because S&J are big enough now to 1) want to play on Disney Junior or PBS Kids and 2) fight and cry over who gets to do it and who's turn it is.I never expected THAT to start this young, although maybe it's only because I allow it. I'm not feeling much in control these days, can you tell?

Spring is starting to show itself here, thankfully, and as the weather warms up we'll all be getting outside more. We didn't really have much snow to play in this year, and I think we're all just over being inside and in each other's 'company' for days on end. Soccer is coming, for better or worse, and soon we will have grass to mow. After the horribly dry summer we had last year, I'd be very grateful to have grass that needs cutting. And Sarah just CANNOT wait to go to the pool :)
So we've moved William's bedtime back a bit.  He was going to bed with Jason around 8-ish, as they share a room - but lately he'd been goofing off until all hours and consequently keeping Jason awake too late. William also was routinely getting up before 6am & heading downstairs to play video games. I finally decided we needed to do this two nights ago after walking past their room and hearing paper rustling. William was sitting on the floor by the nightlight doing origami - at 10pm. Everything had been moved off his desk and onto the floor, and he really couldn't tell me why, only that he wasn't tired. Right.

So far so good, William hasn't been getting into trouble at night, and he's actually sleeping in a bit in the mornings. And happily, by splitting them up this way, Sarah and Jason are getting to bed earlier - which they need, as they don't nap anymore. Too bad our kid-free time continues to dwindle...
And finally - 17 years ago tonight a girl went to a bar with her friend for a drink and sat down next to a boy. They had a lot to talk about, exchanged phone numbers, and met up for lunch the next day. I've been wondering today, if that boy knew that 17 years in the future he'd be having dinner with that girl and their 4 noisy, precocious kids, if he'd still have asked for her number, or gotten the heck out of there as fast as he could. I still haven't decided. And he just smiles when I ask him :) 


  1. Cute story!! Isn't it funny the way life turns out. I never would have thought to be where I am with 4 kids when I was younger. But I love it now!!

    Time is going by so fast. it's crazy!!! I'm glad you guys are doing well!


  2. Sweet post.

    I'm wondering how long after that you guys came to visit Grandmother and we went out to dinner...were you married by then. Ah, the memory's the first thing to...what was I saying?

  3. Love it- who knows what God's plan for our lives is....but he knew that you would be great at refereeing and laundry :)))


  4. Good thing we're not able to see in the future, or we would have missed out on all the beautiful chaos!!

  5. I'm sure he considers it the best choice he EVER made...and wouldn't change a thing!

    Cute story! :)

  6. No. He wouldn't.
    But honestly..would YOU?????

    That is the beauty of Life. Imagine how much we would have said "no" to if we knew the work required to make it

    We need the chaos and struggles and crap that being a family faces. If every night was a fun night at the bar, imagine how selfish, bored and unfulfilled we all would be. (but don't imagine that for TOO long, because frankly at this after school, need to cook dinner and help with homework time, sitting at a bar and giving out my number is sounding really really GOOD!)

    now march along dear, and enjoy your night...and don't get too excited for that 3 hour free time. It is enough time to put the breakfast away, change your underpants, and well...thats about it. But I guess clean underpants are a good thing. So OK, I take it back. Get excited.

  7. I've been thinking about the pool....and your fire pit.

    Happy Anniversary on meeting the man of your dreams! I just have one question....did he have hair when you met him?

  8. I want to have some kidfree time... even just 15 minutes LOL.

    LOOOVE that story of 17 yrs ago. That is so sweet. I bet every single time he would do it all over again :)


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