Thursday, March 31, 2011

The patients are trying my patience and other general complaining

A common theme here, I'm feeling very out of control and panicky. Do you ever feel that way? Too much to do, too little time, many many people that need attention more than the projects. I actually sat with Jason and played with him this morning for about an hour. He's so good at going with the flow, it's rare that he asks for help with anything. This morning he did, and I'm glad - Little Buddy starts preschool in September, I can hardly believe it, I know the next 5 - FIVE! months will fly. Anyway - what's happening here?

- Sarah developed an ear infection last week, and this morning said her ears 'tickled'. I called to bring her in this afternoon just to make sure the antibiotic had done its job. The helpful lady who answered the phone at 8:15am, when I declined the 9am appointment and asked for something after preschool, snarkily commented 'she's sick but you're sending her to school!' MYOB and give me the 2pm slot, thank you very much. Turns out Sarah just has ears full of wax. So THERE. Moving along!

-Jason, who has the same cold Sarah's had, developed goo coming out of his eyes. So I took him to the doctor yesterday morning. When they took his temp with the ear thingy he said ouch. He's now on an antibiotic for an ear infection, as well as eye drops for the goo. Happily the goo is gone and he's looking much much better!

-Matt removed one of his own stitches tonight, it was bothering him. He's leaving the other 2 in so that the nurses at the office can feel useful when he goes in for his knee surgery follow-up on Friday :) Heaven help me if anything major happens, he is not the most compliant patient...

-All in all, between the three of them I have been to the pharmacy just about every day since last Wednesday. Sometimes twice in one day. I could have gone today to pick up the drops for Sarah's ear wax problem, but honestly didn't really want to show my face in there AGAIN. Tomorrow is soon enough :)
So I'm pretty sure that March has completely gotten itself turned around - we started March with temps near the 70's, sunny and warm, and we're ending with high's in the 40's with rain/possibility of snow - SNOW!- for the next couple of days. I know I'm not the only one in my house longing for warm & sunny days - don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for a repeat of last summer's endless 98 degree weather - 72 and sunny will suit me just fine, perfect for kids to run around outside while I sit with my feet up and drink a gin and tonic iced tea! One can dream anyway...


  1. I'm with you on the weather. We haven't really had any warm temperatures at all. Monday I went to a Maple Syrup place with G's class and it was so cold the sap wasn't even running. I'm hoping for one weekend of warm and sunny. Good luck with the patients.

  2. The office staff and some nurses is why I gave up going to the doc and instead go to the Minute Clinic in the CVS store when I need a strep test or ear looked at. Much, much nicer and I get the antibiotic there (if needed) or get it at the grocery store (cheaper!).
    I hear ya on the weather. No rush for the hot summer yet but I too would not want snow again! I thought of you last year with all those make up days--they had to add 5 days onto our calendar here.
    Hope the patients improve soon! Of course Moms aren't allowed to get sick.

  3. Just count the days down until May...where you will have NO patients to take care of!!!!!

    I am with ya on the weather - had to pull a sweater out this am to wear...and I was this close to putting them all away for the season......


  4. You poor thing, Mamma definitely needs a break! Good thing you'll be getting one with me and a few others in just a few weeks!

    I think you should have the kids make you a countdown chain so you have something to look forward to other than another trip to Walgreens!

  5. Sorry the infirmary is driving you batty! And hang in there about the weather--in a few months you'll be longing for cool breezes and a little rain1

  6. Oh don't get me started on the weather. I'm seriously considering moving.

    Sorry your week has been so trying :( It seems that this has been a terrible year for sick kiddos!

  7. Wait. He removed one of his own stitches?!

  8. We've all been sick too. How did you keep from getting it?

    Oh Matt. Not a good patient is he?

  9. Oh girl you deserve that Gin & Tonic ENJOY!!! LOL.

    Hope everyone is feeling better now.

  10. I love your blog! I became a follower! :) Erin

  11. Yes, one can dream...

    We've finally had warmer weather, but then today it went and got all gloomy and cold again. Boo. I'm just ready for spring to really be here!

    Sorry everyone has been sick and needing attention! Hope everyone is better ASAP!

  12. I always feel out of control and panicky there actually ANOTHER way to feel?

    late in my comments this week...
    been busy with my own patients over here
    doctors every day, and tonight it is a hospital
    not a mental hospital
    although I would welcome that, too
    it would be like a vacation

    hopefully you are beyond this by now and everyone is feeling good, including yourself
    my advice is to just take care of your family and worry about nothing else
    I find I survive best when I take the focus off of myself

    hang in there
    love to all


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