Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paint! Through the eyes of William and Jason

We're painting! Or rather, I'm painting!!!! This weekend after repairing all the drywall, Matt finished putting all the molding back into our master bathroom. There was one 6 inch piece of baseboard that hadn't been removed through this whole process, and he actually had to take that one off too when repairing the wall we'd taken out to the put the pocket door in. Go figure :)

So once he'd finished that, I got to work caulking. I've lost track of what day it is, and which day I did what, but I do know that it's Thursday afternoon and I have caulked all the wood, primed all the wood that wasn't already primed or painted, painted the ceiling, and now have ONE COAT OF PAINT on all the walls! Goodbye Belle Grove Moss, HELLO SUMMER BREEZE!

I am so excited - can you tell? We're actually getting to the point where you can move around in the bathroom, most of the tools have been put away, and we're going to be PUTTING STUFF BACK - like light fixtures, and most importantly, the toilet. The toilet has been sitting in our bedroom for a couple of weeks now. Thankfully our bedroom is pretty big, and nobody has to get too close to it.

Anyway! William was home sick from school today - which worked out well, as he played with Jason all morning while I painted - and I gave him the camera to take some pictures to prove that I actually have done some work on the bathroom. I love it when the kids take pictures! Here we go:

Wait, it looks like Jason is taking over:
Back to William...
Back to Jason!

I'm guessing they were taking turns...and yes, this is what my bedroom has looked like for the last month. I keep telling myself the end is in sight.
Jason was so excited to tell me he took a picture of my shoes...(Yes, I have big feet - and the fact that they are chucks doesn't help with the clown-like look.)
And it wouldn't be complete without a picture of the potty. To remind me of all this.
The bathroom cabinets were delivered on Wednesday, and are being installed on Saturday. Wahoo!!!! We really are getting down to the last bits here. Everything's gone pretty smooth, the only holdup we have is that the stone place is out of the counter material we want to use & won't have any in for two weeks.I'll be using that time to clean and seal the grout and the floor, as well as get our bedroom back in order and take control of the house again. It's a wreck. But if I sit here at the computer, I don't have to look at it :)

So I really want to say something about Japan. I cannot imagine what those people are going through - they are living my worst nightmare. I've always had a fear of all things nuclear, probably a product of growing up in a nuclear age and remembering Three Mile Island. We didn't live all that far away from there when that happened. Anyway - my heart goes out to them and I hope and pray that the power plants get under control soon, and they can begin dealing with the damage from the Tsunami and earthquake. I did read today an article that commented on how mannerly the displaced people are behaving. No looting is going on, and people are just staying calm. Can you imagine that happening here? I can't. Remember Katrina? Anyway. Beki from The Rusted Chain, maker of beautiful jewelry and taker of beautiful pictures, is selling this pretty necklace and donating $10 from every sale to to help Japan. Just thought I'd pass that along, in case you're inclined to help in this way. Just click on the picture and away you go :)


  1. I cannot wait for the big reveal!

    It's lookin' good!

  2. I love the kiddie photog shots! How least that would be the ONLY part of that project I would find fun. Other than the finished product. :)

    Looks guys are amazing.

  3. All right!! YOu are getting so close!

  4. I understand all that you're going through with the bathroom. It reminds me of all that had to be done before we could move in here. And it seemed to multiply daily. You're doing great, and have a fabulous attitude! I can't wait to see it all finished and beautiful!

    And don't get me started on kids taking pics. You should see what my girls come up with. Particularly Kenners.

  5. It looks great! I love the difference paint can make.

    Thank you for sharing about our necklaces!

  6. Better the photographers than the painter's assistants...
    Can't wait for the reveal!

  7. Soooo exciting! What in the world are you going to do with yourself when it is complete LOL. Love the pictures the boys took... they made me laugh. Those are the kinds I find after my girls get a hold of the camera.

  8. So exciting it's getting so close!
    And, the people of Japan...that really just breaks my heart. I saw some Japanese people on the news the other day...watching their homes get washed away. And they're SO stoic! It's amazing.

  9. I love your kiddo pics- they always make me laugh!! And look at you skinny ninny painting!!! NO TAPE?????? I live by the tape!!



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