Monday, January 9, 2012

First project of the new year; Pondering my ponderance; Glitter Shoes

Nothing makes me happier than a house project! - although I'm sure Matt would prefer things that didn't take up so much of his time to make me happy :) Have you ever made a decision that seemed like the right thing to do at the time, but then you changed your mind later? Here's an example:

Our house is a center hall colonial. When you walk in the front door, there's a 12x12 room on the right, as shown here. My desk and computer are in here, as well as a piano; two rocking chairs also reside here (a spur of the moment purchase made in the bleariness of when William was a 4 week old baby - one rocker would have been fine, and saved us I'm-too-embarrassed-to-mention-how-much); It's an awkward room with two windows in the front, and I've never known quite what to do with it. I never hung anything on the walls, and my attempt to turn it into a music room never quite came off right.
Now that both Evie and William have quit playing piano, the only use this room gets is when 1) Matt calls his parents & sits in a rocker or 2) Someone's on the computer.
The other side of the wall looks like this, in the family room.

And here's the view, coming into the back of the house from the front.
When we moved in there was a 4 foot cased opening in that wall in between the rooms. Back in 2004, we decided we wanted to make use of that wall on both sides, so we closed them up. Here's what it looked like then:

Fast forward 7 years, and yes - you guessed it - I want the wall open again.So this weekend Matt took his Sawz all to the living room side to open it up & see what the rough opening is, because instead of leaving it as an opening, we're going to put in French doors :) Yay! Now we'll be able to close the room off if we want to, or open it up for entertaining. We'd always hoped to be able to put an addition on the house & expand the kitchen & family room area, but reality and the economy has set in and we realize that just doesn't make sense. So we're making changes to what we have to make the space work better for us for the coming years.
And that red paint? Gone. I've hated it since the day I put the brush and mini roller down. It looks nice in pictures, but that's about it - 8 coats of red matte finish paint that took me over a week to do, and you can't so much as breathe on it or you'll make a dusty smudge on the paint. It'll be a happy day when it's painted over :)

Hopefully next weekend will see the installation of doors; the TV on the other side of the wall will be going in the corner next to the fireplace, and the bookcase is on its way up to our bedroom, for MY books! All that kid stuff on it will be relocated elsewhere or donated. Happy me :)

When we closed up that wall in 2004, we stuck a newspaper and photos of us in there, in case anyone ever opened it up again (never thinking it would be us - although it was always in the back of our minds that we could, if we wanted to). Nothing quite like seeing pictures of your 7 year-younger, skinnier self to bring reality to your world.
Do I look that much older today? I don't think so - but 2 more kids and 7 years later, I'm up 15 lbs from here. 8 of which I managed to put on in the last two months. EEEEEK! So like everyone else trying to start the new year right, it's back to counting calories and cardio cardio cardio. WHY is it so easy to gain and so difficult to lose?? Sigh.
I finished our glitter shoes this weekend, following directions from WANM, HERE! They turned out great - Evie wanted purple for Sypro the Dragon, and I'm in love with my multi-color glitter shoes. I will say this - if you have a yen for some glitter shoes and can find a pair for $25 or so, it's probably worth it to get them. This took me way longer than I thought it would, and I spent $15 on the shoes, glitter, and sealer spray. If you can find a cheapo pair of flats - or even have a pair that have seen better days but are still wearable - and have a 2+ hours to spare, then GLITTER AWAY! I can't wait to wear mine :)



    You look exactly the same. Beautiful!

    Can't wait to see what color you pick for the red room.

  2. I thought the same thing Connie did - Matt had hair!!! :))

    And yes, you have not aged a bit!!

    I love the shoes - bring them to Cali!!


  3. I'm with the others...MATT HAD HAIR!!!
    Okay. Now that that's out of the way.
    How many layers of paint is it going to take to paint over the red? It's pretty but I bet it's gonna be a bitch to cover!
    I'm thinking a calming blue/gray...LOL

  4. I love that you picture in the wall. How cool! I understand about the calorie thing... went to the gym this morning - first time for 2012 and boy, oh boy, am I ever sore! Can't wait to see the finished room pictures!

  5. Awwww, I love that picture! You look exactly the same, my dear. But look how little the lovies are! House project...yay!

  6. MATT HAD HAIR!?????

    Just kidding. I knew he had hair. I prefer bald Matt. And he looks skinnier now. At least in the picture in the red room. Make him more bread pudding.

    I like that I know your house already.
    Although I was confused through the entire post, because I was expecting to see glitter shoes...and it was all of your house...then I thought, "did she glitter the red room?"
    I am glad you didn't glitter the red room.

    Funny. Matt talked on the phone to his mom in the red room chair while I was over.
    I enjoyed some old magazines you had by the chair.
    No one played the piano.
    Lotta computer playing in there, though.

    I think you should fill that room with sheep for William. It can be the sheep room.

    And you do look the same. Its crazy, really, how you don't age. I swear I had a different face 5 years ago. Not sure why you worry so much about 8 pounds though. Seriously. You are young, beautiful inside and out, and blessed beyond belief. I don't think you need to change a single thing.

    But I do hear that glitter shoes add 8-10 pounds.
    No wait. That's the camera.

    And guess what I wore Christmas? Glitter shoes. Black. Steve Madden. $25 :-)

  7. I won't say Matt had hair. I like being unique. ;-)

    I love the red paint on the walls but I understand it being hard to keep clean. I think it's a great idea to open it back up. It will look roomier.

    Those glitter shoes are awesome!! So sparkly and pretty!

    I can't wait to see the finished product with the doors up. I need to be better about making the rounds. Sometimes I get burned out on sitting in front of this computer! Ugh.

  8. How neat that you put your picture in the wall - we used to live in a very old house and found old newspapers and horsehair for insulation in the walls. I'd say that yours is a better find.

    First time I've visited I think. What a colourful blog - I was just going to comment on how much I loved the red room (we have a red study where I am sitting right now, complete with piano that has also been given up by the kids...) and the red does look gorgeous on the screen. I'm sure it's different living with it though.

    So much talent on the glitter - I am VERY impressed!


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