Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sarah gets glasses, and I get doors!

I keep meaning to sit here and type, but up until this very minute it hasn't happened. I had a sticky note of things I wanted to mention, but it's been lost in the shuffle somewhere, so I'm winging it. And now I'm drawing a complete blank because without things written down, or a picture to remind me, well - I'm more likely to drift off to ModCloth and look at dresses or over to People to read about celebrities than I am to push through and get anything down here. Maybe if it were easier for me to manage getting pictures into the blog, I'd do it more, but recently it seems that Blogger is just a PIA for me. I'd love to hear any tips on how to make that easier...

Some recent happenings, Sarah now has glasses! She needs them for classwork and anything close-up, and will hopefully outgrow needing them in a year or so. Jason is also farsighted, but not to the point where they will correct for it. I fully expect that in a few years all our kids will be needing glasses or contacts, but for now it's just Sarah, and she's SO excited to have them. Ah, to be 5.

This weekend Matt finished opening the wall between the front and back living areas and installed the doors! I LOVE THEM :) We've shoved the tv into the corner in its current stand for now, and it opens up the room SO much. And the morning sun coming in the front windows in the red room now brightens up the back of the house too. Happy me! Of course now I have a lot of nail holes to fill and painting to do, but all in good time. The red room I really struggle with, it's a square room with one blank wall, one window wall, one open wall with columns, and now a wall with doors. I've struggled with what to do with this room since we moved in (why we closed up that wall in the first place) and just can't seem to make it work. The piano is a big part of my issue, it takes up a big chunk of space. An upright would be more manageable, but we'd never be able to sell it for anywhere near what we put into it (and I kind of like it - just wish someone played (me??)). Anyway - I think my desk is destined for our bedroom in the coming months, and I'm picturing this room with some comfy chairs, lamps, and a small bookshelf. We'll see.
While Matt was hauling doors home from Home Depot, he picked up a glassed door for our basement stairs. This used to be a white solid door, and the hinges used to be on the left. It had a cat door cut in the bottom of it, as we had a cat when we moved in. At some point one of the kids had slammed it into the door bumper (which didn't have a cap because Jason was always pulling them off) which punched a hole at the bottom of it. Matt took it down & off to the dump one day because I was tired of looking at its ghetto self. We've hung it with the hinges on the right now, which to me makes so much more sense - it's always slightly open, and it annoyed me to always have to reach past it to close it so I could walk past in between the kitchen desk and table. It's the little things, no?
I'm sure a ton of other little things have gone on around here, I just can't remember them right now - so since my coffee mug is empty, I'll just say good day for now and get on getting on. Happy Wednesday :)


  1. I'm really, really jealous over your are always doing things and making it look even better! :)
    Sarah + Glasses = ADORABLE!!

  2. I can't believe how fast that Matt is at home projects!! So not my hubby - those doors look great!

    And Sarah's glasses are so cute - ironically, Morganne got glasses this week too - purple!!


  3. Sarah looks ADORABLE!!! She totally rocks those glasses. What a great choice in style & color!

    I love watching your home projects, it makes me daydream about what my projects are going to be one day.

  4. Those doors look great!!

    I can't believe how many times a day that I wash Erick's glasses! She looks great in them.

  5. I really love those doors. Everything is moving right along.

    And oh my! She is GORGEOUS in those glasses! She is the cutest girl! She looks like you. I bet she's just as sweet, too!


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