Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Self Portrait

I don't say much here about Evie - when we're home she is usually off keeping busy doing her own things - reading, playing her DS, playing with Littlest Pet Shops, watching Animal Planet. Other than the occasional snarky attitude, she rarely provides me with any fodder for the blog (unlike William, who I could probably devote another entire blog to!) so I wanted to share this with you. I should be able to say I found it while going through her school papers recently , but that would be a blatant lie - the school papers are still in a pile on the dining room table, but I did touch them this morning - this particular piece made it's way into the kitchen maybe a week ago, and I just think it's terrific! My first thought is her head is very small and her body very large. Then I noticed the nose, which sort of becomes an eye brow. Matt likened it to a Picasso. I also love the hair, sort of blowing in the breeze, but in big chunks. Oh - and the softball-type shirt with her initials on it! This is her first real stab at a 'portrait', I think. Usually she sticks to drawing animals, her first and last real love. I think she's got some talent, no?

From Drop Box


  1. I think the drawing is a great picture of YOU!!! She is a little Picasso.

  2. How sweet! Definitely get her a little sketch pad! I loved art at her age and was an art minor at college for a whole semester... Got more interested in other subjects, but I do love to sketch and craft.

  3. That. Is. Rad.

    Mat and frame, mat and frame....

  4. That drawing is awesome. She is really talented! So cute!


  5. Wow, that really does look like a Picasso! She's lucky, I can't draw worth a shit!

    Thanks again for telling me where I could get my pocket Edward! I love him.

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed the video!

    I think she did a terrific job! So cute! I love to see what the kiddos come up with! ;o)

  7. Trying again! I don't think my comment worked.

    That is a great drawing! Encourage her to keep at it...she's got talent!

    P.S. You have won something at my Fitness blog that you didn't even know you could win. Thank you for your friendship!

  8. I love it!! Frame it and start her own gallery!

    xoxo ~Lisa

  9. She definitely has talent! I love it...very...abstract and way cool! I would so frame it! It's definitely a keeper! :)

  10. I think she's definitely got some talent!


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