Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What to do at swim team practice...

How does one keep a 5, 2 and 1 year old entertained while the 7 year old is swimming for 45 minutes every morning? You scour Target and Michael's $1 sections for little crafts, buy some bubbles, bring a ball or two, and be lucky enough to have an awesome playground right next door to the pool.

We've been having some fun in the mornings - they all love the bubbles (Sarah ends up wearing more than her fair share!); Michaels had some fun small wooden puzzles that they colored & Walmart had some neat little Disney coloring sets for $3 - a box with markers and 80 pages of pictures to color. Jason's making do with a box of crayons and drawing paper, I found William a pad of paper airplanes to make ($1 - Michaels!) and a few other things too. So far he hasn't thought to bring his DS, which I'm thankful for - they spend too much time watching screens as it is. Right next to the pool is an awesome playground, we're going there about every other day (bath day lol!) I'll take pics the next time we go, this is where I met Staci from Playing House last week (so nice! Wish I could meet you all!)

Thankfully, we're having better weather this week than last, it's sunny and warm in the mornings but not too hot yet so the kids are having fun, and I'm glad to have a reason to get up/dressed/out the door by 9am every day. And honestly, I'm also surprisingly grateful for the time I'm spending with Sarah, Jason, and William just playing and having fun. At the house it seems my time gets sucked away in so many different miscellaneous ways (my fault for piddling it away as much as I do, but there you go - something for me to work on). I was re-reading my post from yesterday and realized just what I said - why am I trying to blog when they are all up and bickering? Clearly I need to prioritize better :( Anyway - little ones are napping & the chores are waiting, so I leave you with some pictures from yesterday morning for your viewing pleasure :)

William getting ready to swim; or color; or blow bubbles. Something.

Big Brother helping Little Sister

Jason enjoying a Quaker Breakfast Cookie

And sharing his juice!


  1. Filling the time is tough while others have a practice. We finally rounded the corner at our house this year. Both boys will walk to the pool by themselves for me.

    ..... a little freedom for me!!

  2. Aw, such cute pics!! Why is it we don't make the time to just sit and play with our kids unless we are forced to because of circumstances??? I have the same problem- you are not alone!!


  3. Cute pictures! Thank goodness for little projects to keep kids happy!

  4. Those are great pix! How nice that you have a plan. Jason sure seems like a good natured little guy!

  5. AWESOME pics! I am LOVING the goggles on Williams head.... I really think William and Anthony ARE brothers! The personality similarities are too funny!!!

    That park is so fun! I meant to bring my camera the other day, but of course I forgot it! We will have to meet up again SOON!

  6. Your kids are adorable!!! It seems as if you've found a ton of great activities to keep your other munchkins busy while your oldest girl swims!


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