Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Milestone - Baby Haircuts!

Today was a big day here in Mayberry (my new name for our grand town!) - the little ones each got their first haircut! Judging from what I just said, you might assume they are the same age - they are actually 13 months apart! Jason was just lucky enough to be born with some hair while Sarah was bald as an egg - just like Evie and William :-)

You may or may not remember my 'Hair-rific News' post - I did call my favorite hairdresser after she left the salon I went to - it turns out, she had finished a room in her home as a shop so she could work from home & she was thrilled that I'd called! When she left the salon she'd agreed not to contact any of her clients so I am SO glad I took everyone's advice and contacted her.

Baby Jason was SUCH a good boy for his first haircut. He sat on my lap (which is why there are no 'during' pictures) and only fussed a little bit at first. Once Christy started cutting he settled right down and just watched the mirror to see what was going on. Now his mullet is gone, and my neighbor has no reason to call him Joe Dirt anymore!

Sarah went last (Evie had gone first, as I wanted Sarah to see what was going on - she totally paid NO attention whatsoever) and she was pretty skittish about the whole thing, but she did cooperate. I think once she realized it wasn't going to hurt she enjoyed her first trip to the 'Beauty Shop' - she's such a girly girl!

I have a feeling Sarah's first haircut went over much better than Sarah's first trip to the dentist will in October when that appointment rolls around!


  1. OH, aren't they cute!! And mama looks adorable, too ;)

    After this, the dentist will be a breeze! Kelly went in...they "counted" her teeth and then she got to pick a toothbrush...such fun!!!

    xoxo ~Lisa

  2. Oh...I meant to tell you that in my brood of 4 I have a wIlliam and a Sarah too :)

    Such cute photos! You look great!

    Ahhh...the first trip to the dentist. :)

  3. My little girl was born practically bald and my son had luscious locks. Why couldn't it be the other way around ?

    There is something so sweet about a first haircut. I know you kept some of those locks for safekeeping !

  4. awww!!! I am so glad they did GREAT! They look ADORABLE! We have not yet had Madison's first hair cut... I think Anthonys dramtics have ruined me ;)

    That dentist appointment may no be so bad, my guys both did MUCH better than I expected!!!

  5. So cute!! I love it!! Thanks for sharing!! Just wait for the day they come to you to take them to get their hair cut!!


  6. I haven't worked up the nerve to get Ethan's hair cut yet. My baby! Sigh.

  7. Love Sarah's face in the top picture!! I cut the boys hair myself, but would never attempt to cut Maggie's. In fact, I don't know if I will let anyone near it for a long time :)

  8. Adorable! For my sons first cut professionally... I ended up holding him on the floor while she cut one side of his head, then flipped him over for the other side. It was a nightmare! He fought me so badly. He's 17 now with hair almost as long as mine and I may have to do that again...

  9. Adorable! So glad you were able to connect with your stylist again!

  10. So sweet! So many firsts :) And you are absolutely adorable, by the way!

    I left you an award, only if ya like :)

  11. So cute - I still haven't cut my 19 month olds hair yet!

  12. The first picture of Sarah is so cute - she looks quite apprehensive! :)

  13. I think it's great when hairdressers start their own businesses...prices tend to be much better in the "basement."
    Cute pictures.
    Adorable actually.

  14. Love all of your pics...your kiddos are adorable!

    I'm so glad they both did well. Don't worry...the dentist won't be so bad!


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