Sunday, June 14, 2009

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I've been slacking a lot recently (!) and am FINALLY getting around to a few of the items on my to-do list. Namely, tags and awards! I'm embarrassed to say that the oldest item on my list is from a month ago (shame on me!) and I am VERY sorry it's taken me so long to get to this, but I don't really know that I can explain why (well, my computer hard drive did die, so I think I get a pass for a few days, anyway). All I can say is read #1 on the 'Six Things You Need To Know About Me' list and maybe you'll forgive me :) This fun tag is from both Vivienne @ The V-Spot (our 5 year olds are kindred spirits and I would dearly love to get them together but alas, we're on opposite coasts!) and Shawn@Seriously , a super gal who never fails to make me laugh - thanks, ladies, for thinking of me! Here we go:

Six Things You Need to Know About Me

  1. I am a TERRIBLE procrastinator about things. Why do now what you can do later? Really, it's awful. I can't even use my kids as an excuse that I'm too busy, because I've always been this way. Cramming for tests, scrambling to write papers for school at the last minute until all hours of the night, doing our taxes, you name it. THIS is why I'm just now getting around to the tag and awards.
  2. I'm a compulsive reader. That probably doesn't surprise you after I disappeared for a week to read the entire Twilight series (oh how I enjoyed that!). My Mom used to confiscate the flashlight I had stuck to the bottom of my bed frame (remember the flashlights with magnets on them back in the day?). These days I use my Itty Bitty Booklight 2 (love it!), but the end result is the same - I stay up way too late reading. And I read books I love OVER AND OVER again, over time of course. Matt thinks that's weird. I don't care.
  3. I've had chronic Hives since I was about 20. Oh God, they used to be awful - head to toe, itchy miserable hives. I wanted to die. Over time they got better, went away, and I got off medicine, but we never did figure out what caused them (could be auto-immune.) They flared up again in 2006 but thankfully a Zyrtec a day keeps the itchies away except when I get REALLY run down and tired. I hope none of you ever has to experience THAT misery.
  4. I love dessert. 90% of the recipes I cut out of magazines are some form of dessert. I hardly ever MAKE dessert, though, because I would end up eating most of it. So whenever we have family/friends over, they get to be my guinea pigs because otherwise I'd never try out all those recipes I've saved up to try. Sometimes that works out better than others! Once these kids are bigger, though, I'm sure I'll be baking more (yay!)
  5. You don't want to talk to me in the morning before I've had coffee. I might hurt you. A 'good morning' is fine, and I may actually respond, but PLEASE don't expect to have a conversation where I have to do more than grunt in response! We'll all actually be a lot happier if you just pretend I'm not here for a little bit :)
  6. I have control issues. I'm afraid I'm more like Kate Gosselin than I would ever like to admit. Is THAT where I would have ended up with 8 kids? and a husband who let me walk all over him? Oy. Matt used to watch it with me (back when their kids were 2 or 3 and I actually enjoyed the show) and he'd get so annoyed with her, and all I could think was how much she and I were alike! Thankfully, she's all 'super-star' now and I can't even relate to her a little bit anymore. Phew!
So this post is WAY longer than I thought it would be, so I'll save the awards for tomorrow. I'm just going to pass this fun 'lil tag on to these 6 lovely people (assuming they haven't already done it!) Go visit them, it's worth your while.

Amber @ aefilkins


  1. With the exception of the hives for #3, I could've written this list myself.
    (My hubs gets hives when his skin gets cold. Weird.)

  2. Yup, uh huh- just comparing the ways you procrastinate to myself- I am IDENTICAL!! And I hate it- I have things on my "to-do" list for weeks. They might take a few mins to do them, but why should I try to get them done today??? Argh. drives me CRAZY!!!


  3. I have my control issues too!!

    If they would just help out a little without being asked, I wouldn't feel so bitchy. I would guess this is how Kate feels.

  4. Love the list girlie! I'm with Viv if you remove #3 I could have written it!

    I have such control issues that I have to push the cart at the grocery store. I have made my dear little old Nannie get her own cart! Wow how horrible is that?!!?

  5. See, that's why I love reading your blog so much...we have a heck of a lot of in common...I need coffee before anyone can speak to me also and am a procrastinator...and an avid reader...and get the picture lol.

  6. My babe has hives all over her torso - she's had them since she was born. Her dermatologist thinks she'll have them until she's about 6. I've never met anyone else who has them.

  7. That could have been my list! I swear! You know I'm a compulsive reader too...and when I get on my Twilight kicks I'm gone for weeks at a time too. I'm actually like that with any good book I pick up and my hubby would like to confiscate my book light. I also have an auto-immune skin issue ('s yuck). I'm a procrastinator, a dessert lover, I HAVE to have my coffee in the mornings (or anytime)...and I could be known to have control issues.

    Great post!

    Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

  8. Great list! Kate Gosselin and I are also very similar. I get so irritated when I'm trying to tan/get coffee/shop and the P people are chasing me. LOL!

  9. I've gotten hives for no particular reason since I was a kid. They suck!
    Great list!

  10. I'm way behind on reading, commenting, tags, and awards too... but I'm not going to try to catch up. Getting online to enjoy afew blogs is as much as I can manage with new little Lucy.

    I hear you on the hives. I think mine are stress related... but I HATE them!


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