Monday, June 29, 2009

William Scares the Crap Out of Me. Seriously.

It's 5:45 am and I've gotten up to work out. Been going to bed early & doing this for a week or so, so it's not so painful now. I get changed, & came out of our bedroom. Hmm, hall bathroom light is on. Turn it off, realize William's door is open. Peek in; the blinds to one window are open, his umbrella is on the floor (odd, I thought that was in the garage) and his Spiderman art portfolio is on the floor open, like he was playing with it. I don't see him in his bed so I assume he's downstairs. Lights are on in the foyer and kitchen, and the door to the garage is open (the one Matt deadbolts at night) and the light is on. No sign of William. Luckily the exterior back door is still deadbolted. Basement lights are off, he's not down there; he's not in the family room/kitchen. Back upstairs I go, and peek in his bedroom. Yep, sound asleep in his bed, I just couldn't see him the first time I looked.

That kid is so FREAKING QUIET (of course, we've drilled it into his head that if he wakes Jason up, he's in trouble!) I'm sort of horrified by the thought that he was sneaking around the house and I had NO IDEA. NONE WHATSOEVER. At least this time he didn't get the idea to go out of the house, but what about next time?? This might be the week we call ADT.


  1. Oy!!!! Yeah, that would scare me too!!! My old bos had an alarm system just because they wanted the doors to beep each time one was opened becayse their 4 girls (6 and under) used to sneak out!!

  2. That is scary! Maybe a simple eye and hook at the top of doors, where he can't reach would alleviate your fears of leaving the house?!

    xoxo ~Lisa

  3. Well - I have a teenager that used to sneak out at night. We now have a great alarm system that you set next to your bed and have 2 little monitors set up at the bottom of the steps leading to the bedrooms. If ANYONE ventures down those steps, the alarm next to my bed goes off. "FRONT HALLWAY - FRONT HALLWAY" It's set up by motion, even in the dark. I'm awake in a second and am charging out my bedroom door to find out who's downstairs who shouldn't be. My son has no idea it's there. It's actually been there for over 1.5 years now and is wonderful! He, of course, thinks I'm a very light sleeper and hasn't tried to sneak out ever since we put it in.

  4. My kid is sneaking around the house at night too. Luckily he hasn't tried to leave the house....

  5. Geez! That would freak me out too! ADT sounds like a GOOD idea!

  6. GIRL...get an alarm...and a dog that barks! That's scares me!

  7. he is going to make a fantastic burglar...ya know...if that is what he chooses to do...

    until then, put a bell around his neck
    my girlfriend has a really annoying alarm...whenever a door opens a voice says BACK DOOR OPEN...or FRONT DOOR OPNE...kinda creepy,but it works

  8. Argh!! He would scare me too!! There have been mornings where my little girl is not in bed and I frantically search the house looking for her...of course she's on the couch, but it always gives me a heart attack!!!!!

    Hope you week is going well!


  9. I think you need to call ADT and put invisible fencing, like they use for dogs around the perimeter of your house....


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