Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thanks Everyone!

Thank you everyone for chiming in with your opinions! Overstock sold 2 more of the vanities this morning, so I just ordered mine. I haven't found anything else I've loved (and I do love it!) and I don't see going from 2 sinks to 1 as an issue for us, personally, and the plumbing will still be there when we move some day far down the road. BTW, we did consider 2 vanities, that was my original thought - and then I measured the walls - there just isn't enough room to have 2 freestanding vanities without it looking really funky, and I didn't want pedestal sinks - which would have been beautiful but left me even worse off (storage-wise) than I am now. We'll be gaining additional storage by adding a linen cabinet in the toilet closet, so everything under the sinks will have a home there. Phew! Now I can stop agonizing over that decision and move on to hunting down lighting, mirrors, and all that other fun stuff! And while I'm at it I'll have to hunt down some PATIENCE as we probably won't begin this project until January. But now I will be able to gaze at my lovely new vanity and dream :-)


  1. I didn't get to weigh in on this yesterday, but I love this vanity. Overstock is great. (It's also part of Upromise, so if you went through their site first, you scored money for college...)

  2. I can't wait to see it finished!

    I've tagged you come on over and take a look.

  3. The shopping is always the fun part! Glad you were able to get one! :)

  4. YAY! Are you sure you have to wait until January? :)

  5. The vanity is great! I would have told you to go for it! But you already did! Yay!!


  6. Love the vanity! So glad you were able to get one.


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