Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bathroom Remodel Part 4 - Crappy Video Tour of Plumbing Rough-in :)

Late post, technical difficulties, life goes on, right? Call me the Inconsistent Blogger. Anywho - it's very, very difficult to take pictures in our oddly shaped bathroom & have them really convey anything, so today I tried using my Flip. And I rotated it, so it would be 'upright' & film the room better, but of course YouTube thought the video was sideways. So when I rotated the video, they cropped it to fit & well - this is what you get. If I was going to do this right, I'd spend hours fixing it, but who has that kind of time? It is what it is. So! Watch it, or not, and next time I'll have pictures. The tile man comes on Monday!!!!  Disclaimer - I am not a professional speaker, so ignore any odd mannerism - k thx bye :)


  1. First, you are NEVER going to want to get out of your new shower, I bet.
    And second, Jason!! Adorable. "Hi Budd-dee."

  2. WoW! You have done a tone of work already. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. IT's going to be awesome!!

    What ever happened to the cabinet that you bought from overstock? Are you using it in this project?

  4. I love "hearing" you - feel like I am talking to you!


  5. IS it weird that I am super excited for you? Your hubby is a total rockstar doing all that work... can I borrow him when he is done with your house? My hubby is definitely NOT a fix-it guy. Jason is AHHHDORABLE... Hi Buddy.... Ugghhh love his little voice. You did great in the video, not any awkward mannerisms at all.


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