Thursday, February 10, 2011


Jason loves his blankie. He's like Linus, dragging his blankie behind him as he walks around the house. If I let him, I think he'd take Blankie everywhere.
In fact, he loves his blankie so much, he takes pictures of it with my phone.
86 pictures. I counted.
During church on Sunday he had my phone, and at one point was scrolling through the photo album looking for his pictures of blankie.
If you can't have the real thing, a picture will do, right?
I love the fact that his feet are in most of these pictures. I never think to take pictures of their feet or hands.
And now, we've relocated blankie to another room and continue to take pictures of 'him'...

I was walking on the treadmill Tuesday and Jason couldn't find blankie.
He was walking around the house calling 'blankie, blankie!' - as if it would say 'hey, I'm over here!'
I really want to be three again - back when having your blankie and a kiss from mom made everything alright in the world.
Photos courtesy of Jason :)
Today I'd like to as that you go HERE and pray for this little girl and her family. And when you're done crying, go hug your kids and remember that as crazy as life may seem, others are dealing with stuff like that. God help them. And thank you.


  1. 86 pictures of Blankie?! That's adorable.
    That little girl...I've cried for a day over this.

  2. I love all of the pix of his blankie! Adorable. And yes, prayers for Kate. My bible study is praying for her too. It is so heartbreaking.

  3. Blankie pics are adorable, espeically the ones with his cute lil feet in them. When my middle one still took a Binky she would walk all over the house saying Bink, where are you, where are you? So funny!

    That little girl just makes my heart break. So unimaginable.

  4. LOVE those pics. It's so cute seeing things from Jason's perspective. I love the blankie and that he walks around calling for cute!

    Lots of prayers for Kate. Lots of hugs for kids. Lots of thankfulness for health.

  5. The Weiss Kids used to take photos of their they've progressed to video.

    Lots and lots of video.

  6. That just makes my heart swell. Morganne still sleeps with her lovey- she has had it since she was a baby and now she is 10.


  7. My son is almost 6 and still loves Blankie. Blankie is a 'him' and he was split into 2 when Liam was 2 years I'd always have a back up for those laundry days and just in case one got lost. Liam carries him around and folds it just so to make a 'tickle'. He even finds a special place to put Blankie until he gets home from school.


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