Monday, February 14, 2011

White Belt; Deconstruction; My Shop

The Karate Kids have earned their white belts! Or I guess, the Tae Kwon Do kids have earned their white belts. It's so much easier to say Karate, isn't it? Anyway - Evie and William started taking Tae Kwon Do back in January, and have been 'no belts' up to this point, so their shirts have been flapping around loosely at practice twice a week :) This Friday their school was doing belt testing, and Matt got these action photos while I was at ballet with Sarah!
Bowing at the start
And they passed!
Evie was nervous before school that morning, but with no reason, they both did a terrific job. The belt ceremony is next Friday, so I guess their shirts will continue to flap around them for a few more days :)
A brief update on the bathroom, we've confirmed the plumbers for the week of the 21st, so Matt got started on the bathroom today - first up, widening the doorway to my future laundry room! The 24" doorway isn't big enough to get a 27" washer and dryer in there, so we're (or rather HE) is replacing the door. Which means ripping out the old frame & replacing it with a wider rough opening, and of course moving the light switches that were in his closet.
Go Matt!
We also relocated my shoes out of my closet this weekend, to make way for his clothes. I am so incredibly lucky to have inherited this gorgeous piece of furniture from my mother (she passed along a lot of her antiques when she remarried) - this wardrobe was made by my great-great grandfather a LONG LONG time ago, he was a cabinet maker and at one point made Victrola cabinets for RCA.
It is really a gorgeous piece of furniture & Matt is very respectful of its history so when he made shelves this weekend so we could store my shoes in it, he made them without attaching them on the inside so if we ever want to take them out, no harm done. And LOOK at all that empty space I have left! Clearly, I need more shoes!  
But really - we have just begun the process of REALLY deconstructing the bathroom, and things are going to get much, MUCH worse before they begin to get better. But I figure this is a good exercise for us, we've lived here for 8+ years now and really - what do you do with stuff you don't know what else to do with but may need SOMEDAY? You stuff it in your closet. Surely we have a lot of junk we can just get rid of, right? At least that's what I'm telling myself. Stay tuned! Next weekend we rip out the shower!
So, I bought like a hundred bottle caps a few weeks ago and really - how many caps can Evie make and wear herself? And we have this big bathroom renovation to pay for - lol! like I can do that with bottle caps :) - but seriously - I have a ton of them, and I find that they're fun to make, so I made up a bunch and set up an online store in case anyone wants to buy one or ten (if you want 10, send me an email and we'll talk)...I'm going with the free version of the store at the moment and can only list 5 items, but I'm open to customizing in case you want a set of 6 Twilight refrigerator magnets, or fluffy bunny necklaces or perhaps a coffee cup is more your speed? Anyway - when you're finished reading, click on the pic for the link to my shop...

 . ..I'll try to make it more official looking as time allows. Free versions of most anything are either limited or total crap, but I promise my bottle caps are nice and I will actually mail them to you, don't be afraid of the chintzy set up :) If anyone knows how to make a logo, let me know - 'cause I have no idea how at the moment, and honestly I'm up to my neck in figuring out bathroom tile. And whining 4 year olds. I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day :)


  1. That armoire is gorgeous, and a great place for shoe storage!

    Can't wait to see the progress on the bathroom. I am beyond envious that you won't be carrying dirty/clean clothes up and down the stairs!

  2. Wow! You really ARE harried! Congrats to the kids on their belts and to you that you'll have further to go to wash their gees. Love the bottlecaps!

  3. Congrats on the shop!!! Super cute bottle caps!
    And. I, I NEED the wardrobe! Gorgeous!

  4. Who wouldn't LOVE that piece of furniture and I love that it has special meaning.

    Love those pics of the kids too! Looks fun! My brother took karate. I wasn't much into anything but trouble when I was younger. It only lasted until 21. ;)

  5. Love the pics of the kids at Tae Kwon Do. Riley is dying to start so maybe I should look into it.

    Your bottle caps are adorable...and I love that you are setting up a store.

  6. I'm so excited that your remodel is coming along!

    And congrats to the Karate Kids!

  7. I think I have told you this before - so stinkin' jealous over how your hubby is so HANDY!!!!

    Congrats on the shop momma- I hope it takes off!


  8. I love that Matt is so handy & can do so much! You are LUCKY!!! That wardrobe is GORGEOUS!!! I see Uggs in there... ahhh I love my Uggs :) The bottlecaps are adorable. I'll have to go check them out.

  9. you have so many more pairs of shoes than I do.

    I think you should tile your bathroom in bottle caps.

    Love the pictures Matt took.

    Tell Evie and William congrats from Aunt Laura :-)

  10. ...and I tagged you in a meme... as if you aren't busy enough.

  11. Way to go guys!

    That wardrobe is gorgeous! What a talented man!

    I hope you sell tons and tons of bottle-caps so you can come party with us on May!

  12. I can't believe your great-great-grandfather made that's lovely. What a treasure.

    Your little karate kids and bottlecaps are all adorable.

  13. Um, me! I would like a set of 6 Twilight bottlecaps!! :)

    I'll check out your store!

    Congrats to the kiddos on their belts! I took Karate when I was younger. It was so fun!

    Your remodel is exciting!!! Can't wait to see it when it's finished!

    I LOVE that armoire/cabinet!! It's gorgeous! What an awesome thing to have passed down to you!


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