Monday, February 28, 2011

Play Time; Art Class; Angry Birds

I'm learning things as time goes on. For instance, I've learned not to fear the play date. Rather, not so much the play 'date', because that sounds silly to say for the big kids - but them having friends over. I'm starting to realize just how awesome that can be.

Having 4 so close together, the LAST thing I wanted for a long time was to have MORE KIDS here. And when everyone was younger, that was probably a valid feeling for a lot of reasons - if Evie and William had people over, they'd invariably wake up my nappers, or make a giant mess and not want to clean it up, yadda yadda. I don't have nappers anymore, and the weekend days can get long. And while my kids can enjoy each other for a bit, by Sunday afternoon they're ready for some diversion.William had some friends over last Sunday afternoon and everyone got along fabulously well - the little kids enjoyed having differnet bigger kids around to goof off with, and Evie and I had some girl time and baked brownies for everyone to snack on. And happily, by this age they aren't so much into just dumping stuff all over the floor anymore.

I think we're really coming into a good place now. Sarah and Jason play so well together - as long as it's not in the first 15 minutes we're home after picking up Sarah from preschool and I'm making her lunch - Sybill's in da house and she's not going anywhere until her tummy is full and sweet Sarah reappears. But once they've had their lunch, they pretty much entertain each other for a good bit of the afternoon until Evie and William come home from school.
One day recently they upended the ottoman on its side and had all the Littlest Pet Shops out and all lined up. There are a ton of them - these are just Sarah's, Evie's are up in her room (and yes, she still loves to play with them at 9, which kind of surprises me). Anyway.
I knew Sarah and Jason were playing Pet Shops while I was in the other room doing I have no idea what - the days fly by in a blur as we work on the bathroom and I try to track down the last few variables online - and I came into the family room to find both of them shirtless.
I have no idea why. Maybe they were hot?
Is this a cheesecake picture or what??
I can't imagine being comfortable walking around the house and playing with no shirt on. Just the idea of it makes me laugh :)
They were stuffing the carriage and pet carrier as full as they could get them.
Anyway - Sarah and Jason obviously had a fabulous time playing this little game for quite a while, and I love just listening to them talk and play together & seeing what they come up with. Sarah's a hoot, and Jason's becoming quite a character himself - one of these days I'll put up a video of him telling some jokes :)
Back in January I quit fighting Evie and let her quit taking piano lessons. At the time I was really bummed about it, as she really was quite good when she put forth the effort to practice, but it had become such a source of argument between us that I finally just decided it wasn't worth it. Maybe she'll go back someday, maybe she won't, but either way, she had the option to try and she decided she was done. So I signed her up for an acrylic painting class through the county rec center and local art studio and THIS is her first painting!!!!:
Girlfriend has some TALENT! The studio has you bring in some pictures you'd like to paint & they help you choose one, this was the cover of a Humphrey the hamster book , and I am just blown away by how it turned out. I wasn't going to sign her up for the next class because soccer starts soon, but after seeing this, I really don't see how I can't - this is a girl who doodles on any flat surface she can and is constantly drawing animals. So - when she's famous, you can all say 'I knew her when....' :)
We've gotten into the habit - for better or worse - of playing videos on our iphones for the little two at bedtime. It started with Matt playing Sinatra songs for Sarah and has evolved into watching Goofy videos or something on YouTube, and now Jason wants one now and then too - as if we don't watch enough tv around here. Anyway - I think I've mentioned Jason's love of Angry Birds, not only does he like to play Angry Birds, he likes to watch walk-throughs of other people playing Angry Birds. Tonight I stumbled on this gem and really felt I had to share it with you all. If you have time, watch it and laugh like I did :)


  1. I never log into blogger anymore but I HAD to comment on this.....Sarah's pic is precious and Evie's drawing is A-MA-ZING!

  2. OMG, gonna have to show that AB video to my youngest. He LOVES Angry Birds.
    My kids also love to run around with no shirt on. It's weird.
    Evie. She is REALLY good!!

  3. M loves her LPS - she is almost 10! I'm great with it- more time for her to stay a little girl!!!

    can't wait to see the bathroom!!


  4. *connie puts her shirt back on*

    My kids love the Angry Bird videos. I don't know how they find them!

  5. As I read about the piano lessons, I was bummed for you too because I regret quitting when I was younger. But that ended as soon as I saw that art! Holy smokes! Fabulous.

  6. I want Connie to take her shirt back off

  7. My girls love to run around with no shirts on. I guess get let it all hang out while you can right... :)
    Evie is mad talented. Girls has some skills for sure! I couldn't do that if I was tracing & coloring in LOL.


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