Monday, February 21, 2011

Randomness from the past week or so...

 My head is spinning from all the sneezing I've been doing. Matt ripped out a fair amount of our bathroom this weekend, and he completely emptied his closet - future home of my laundry room  - out, as the plumbers arrive Monday morning! Needless to say, my bedroom looks like a bomb went off, but things like this always look worse before they look better. We moved in here 8 years ago, closets are overdue for a clean out. Anywho! I'll save any more bathroom talk for Thursday, let's see what we've been up to, via iphone pictures!

Sarah entertained herself with her princess flashlight by sticking it in her mouth and making it glow red...
 I took Jason to Evie's school's second quarter honor roll celebration...
My sweet girl always thinks of me and brings me coffee whenever it is served from a ginormous urn with powdered creamer - you know, like at the church fellowship hour and and the honor roll celebration - and she always makes it extra sweet, just like she likes it :) And as always, whenever I'm at Evie's school, I get the 'YOU LOOK JUST LIKE EVIE!' from kids I don't know. This time Jason got it too :)
 It was about 70 degrees late in the week last week, and Sarah and Jason enjoyed getting outside for a bit and playing. All last summer, all Sarah could talk about was, 'when is it going to snow' - and now all she wants to know is 'when can we go to the pool'. Fickle pickle!

The Borders bookstore here is going out of business, and since the big kids each had gift cards, we stopped in on Saturday afternoon. William had $10 to spend, and he got a kit on how to make Origami, and he picked out this workbook:
Evie found William asleep on the couch Sunday morning around 7am surrounded by origami animals. He said he'd come down around 1am. As of 7pm, he'd half-way finished his workbook on multiplication and wants to know if he can get the next level when he's finished. Um, sure, if that's what you want!

I waited in line for almost an hour to make our purchase, and amused myself with taking pictures of things and texting them to people who share my love of all things Twilight. I resisted buying the Edward accessory bag...
 as well as the Edward bookmark. They were out of the Edward lunchbox, but did have Jacob - hmmm, I wonder why they only had Jacob left?
 and then there was this piece of fine writing that I did manage not to purchase...
All in all, I really wanted that hour of my life back. Although William apparently is enjoying his haul, so maybe it was worth it.
 I've had someone express an interest in some Twilight bottle caps, and while hunting down ideas on the interwebs, I stumbled across THIS!!!! HOW have I not seen this before???
Yes, it's a paper RPattz! It's a printable thingy that you cut out and put together and then do I don't know what with. But I had to make one! Not to keep for myself of course - I will be passing this along to a friend :) But if you'd like one for your very own and have some sharp tiny scissors and 30 minutes to kill, go HERE and then click the underlined 'AQUI!' to print one out :) 
The always fabulous Vivienne at The V Spot  tagged me this week with a meme - see if you can spot my lie out of this list of 6 things - 5 true, 1 not:
  1. I learned to scuba dive at 15 and have been swimming with sea horses, barracuda, sea turtles, and eels.
  2. I love online shopping. It's so much easier than dragging my little people all over the place while I hunt stuff down. And there's something about a package arriving at my door that makes me happy :)
  3. Tearing out the bathroom and all that is making me giddy! I would flip houses in a heartbeat if I thought we could manage it. That day may be coming...
  4. I was first runner up in our local Junior Miss Pageant way back in the dinosaur days.Which was fine with me, going to the state pageant would have been too stressful.
  5. I always imagined I would have 4 kids, just the way we did - 2 boys and 2 girls - the more the merrier!
  6. My Harley's for sale because I'm afraid of taking it over 25 mph. And my hands go numb from my carpal tunnel. not a good combination.
And this is where I will be totally lame and not tag anyone - or, I tag everyone! Srsly - I haven't been reading enough blogs recently to know who's done this and who hasn't, so if it sounds like fun to you, pick up the ball and run with it, and let me know so I can come over and try to spot your lie :)

Happy Monday! And Happy Me, if you're reading this after 8am EST, the plumbers should be here doing their thing :)


  1. Jen!! We need to make a paper RPattz for JK!! :)
    As always, the pics are gorgeous. I wanna come hang out with your kids. 70 degrees too?! I'm there.
    And number 5 is a dirty rotten lie! lol

  2. I agree with Mimi...number 5 is a lie.

    Love the spring like pictures!

  3. I think #5 is the fib. You love your kids, but I don't think you want more. (Or you'd be the Harried Mom of More.)

  4. Definitely number 5 is a lie!!!

    Love that it has been sunny out for you guys.

    Can't wait to see this bathroom!


  5. hmm...and to think I knew you...#5 might be the lie...but I don't know...I remember drinking wine at your table, and Matt saying he was good with two (2 kids...not #2 on your list)...but you wanted 3 (3 kids, not #3 on your list) ...and while #4 was a total surprise (#4 baby, not #4 on y our list) what? You just wanted 3 kids? Is that it? But even so, you can't live without that little #4...look at how his tiny legs fit perfectly on that skate board! I Iove that.
    And doesn't EVERY girl dream of having 2 boys and 2 girls?

    Now the scuba...I have never heard much mention of this. But I would think swimming with eels is scarier than riding a Harley. Now, riding a Harley WITH an eel..that would frighten me.
    And the pageant? Well, I am sort of hoping it is not true..only because I used to judge them...and well..I have seen it all, let's just leave it at that.
    Though you are pretty enough to have gone to states...and you are a cute little country mouse...but you don't strike me as pageant material. Then again, I was in a sorority, so I think anything is possible when it comes to our past....

    See? I have no idea.

  6. Awe, look at Mimi up there thinking about me...that's so sweet! Did you tell her I already have one?? LOL :)

    I CAN.NOT. believe you passed up that Team Edward bag! What were you thinking Jen? If you ever experience a moment like that again, you must call me (I'll email my number)...I'll be sure to talk you into it...or make you buy it for me and I'll Fed-Ex you some $$ for it. ;) One can never have enough Twilight stuff.

    Love the pics! Do you use Hipstamatic or Instagram...or both? I love those apps!

    Ok, now for the lie...hmmmmm. I know #6 is true. I know #2 is true. I'm thinking #3 is true and I can totally see #4 being true. I'm pretty sure that I remember you saying one time that you never thought you'd have 4, I'm going with that one for your lie.

    I'm horrible at these things!

  7. Fun pictures as always. Ok so I am not a Twilight fan but I love how happy it makes people. I'm sure if I actually watched it I would be in love though. I still drool at the boys though... ohhhh those are some cuties for sure! Not sure about which is a lie... I'm going to guess #5 is a lie. Mostly just because I wanted to guess different than everyone else :)


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