Friday, June 3, 2011

Austin is Awesome - and so are blogging friends.

I'm really finding it hard to believe it's been two weeks since my trip to Austin - time flies! It was a quick trip marked by little sleep and too much fun with people I'd never met before - but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

If you've been blogging for any amount of time, you've probably followed/unfollowed lots of blogs over the course, depending on how you manage your blog reading. Over time, as my little kids have given up naps and demanded more of my time, my blog reading has dwindled to next to nothing - and I miss it :) But the day will come when I'll have more time to devote to that. My point is - unless you're crazy and have nothing better to do, you read certain people because you get something out of it, or have something in common, or they say something that lights a bulb in your brain, or inspires you somehow. Commenting is important because it opens up a channel for conversation, and who knows what else you may find in common with someone?? If you comment and don't have your email enabled for replies, you don't know what you're missing out on...

All this to say - yes, people you meet in blogland can really feel like old friends once you get together in real life. Austin was not my first experience with this, and I hope it won't be my last, there are still people out there I haven't met up with yet :)

Some pics from our trip, with comments....

After everyone arrived at the airport Becca drove us to our hotel, the Omni, where she'd gotten us a fantastic rate for the weekend. We spent some time decompressing & catching up, and Becca mixed up some of her skinny girl margaritas.After a bit, we walked down to the Cedar Door, where we were promised fabulous Mexican Martinis.
Vivienne breaking the law!
OMG they are fabulous. If I'd known they sold their mix by the bottle at the restaurant, I would have brought some home, but thankfully you can buy it online. Or maybe I'll just go back to Austin and get some :) Definitely not Skinny Girl, but amazingly good nonetheless.
Cheers! Shawn and her first Mexican Martini

Vivienne and Becca. You can't tell from this picture how freakin' HOT it was
- at least until the sun went down and it started raining. :)

Later we ended up at some outdoor venue with a pretty amazing 80's cover band, Radiostar - 4 guys dressed in track suits just like Sue Sylvester. What is it about the 80's? Matt would have been in heaven :)
After more chatting and late night self portraits, we made our way back to our home for the night and got to sleep.

Saturday, May 21st, was supposed to be the Rapture! Or maybe it was and we just didn't realize it? Anyway - we were all left behind, so we headed out around noon to South Congress Street to grab some lunch and wander the shops. Helfupl tip: one thing I will say about South Congress Street - there are no public restrooms, and restaurants aren't fond of non-paying customers using their bathroom, even if someone tells you that's what everyone does. So plan accordingly :)
The Big Top Candy Shop was a step back in time - we went there hoping for Elvis Bark (chocolate, crunchy peanut butter, bacon, banana chips and strawberry jam, I think?) but apparently they weren't making it because demand was too high. Things that make you go hmmm......

At a fabulous place called Uncommon, I found this painted skull (which I did not buy) and some pretty blue vintage bottles for my bathroom window (which I did).
Back at the hotel, we went up to the rooftop pool & toasted gave ourselves a toast, freshened up and headed back out for dinner.
We spent the rest of the night at Lance Armstrong's club, Six Lounge, and let me just say I can't remember the last time I was out until Last Call. Way longer than 10 years, that's for sure. I'm pretty sure we had pizza before calling it a night, and I got a most unrestful 3 hours of sleep before getting up to head to the airport (with the most annoying cab driver ever - SHUT IT already!) But I think I can say a good time was had by all :)
Shawn, Jenny Kate, Impulsive Addict (yes I know her real name, she chooses anonymity), and Becca
So plan a trip with some blogging friends! You'll be surprised at how comfortable it feels IRL :)
Later today (hopefully!) this spot will announce the winner of our little Austin giveaway, so check back or check in later with Jenny Kate, Vivienne, Becca, Impulsive Addict, or Shawn. Good luck!


  1. Can we just do it all over again??!!! That was the most fun I have ever had with a group of girlfriends!!!!

    I miss you and it is only 2 weeks!!


  2. So much fun!! Love the picture with the guy in the background!

  3. I'm with Becca...I already miss everybody...and it's only been 2 weeks!!

    Me and You and a premiere...hopefully we'll get a chance to do that one of these days!

    Love your pics!

  4. I Am loving reading all the Austin posts from you guys. It is so wonderful that you all clicked so well. I soooo hope to meet you one day! :)

  5. I ALMOST feel like I was with you by reading all of your wonderful posts you girls are doing.
    So, a little birdy told me it might be on the West Coast next year. Or that there might BE a next year. My question is will you come if it's over here???

  6. I loved your recap, I smiled my way through the whole thing and now I need to go watch the video again!

    It was wonderful being together and the only thing that was awkward was the fact that it wasn't awkward!

    Counting down until our next trip!

  7. This is so great! I love that you did a post that was sort of chronological! I miss you guys!

  8. I love your write up! It was such a good time. I'm really sad that we have to wait another year. I'm hoping that maybe we can meet up again in the fall/winter. We just had too much fun!!

  9. Haha with the comment about being left behind. I forgot it was the Rapture as well, until about 6:30 when I made the comment "well, I guess we got left behind, huh?"

    Thanks so much for my goodies. I love the wine stopper and of course I need mints to hide my wine breath. :)


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