Monday, June 27, 2011

Backyard Movie Night And Other Summer Fun

We had company this weekend, my sister brought her kids (minus one) and my mom down to visit Friday & they stayed through mid-Sunday. We had a beautiful weekend here & had lots of fun in the backyard with bubbles, swinging, a fire in the pit, and movie night under the stars...
We've been doing movie night outside for about a month now, and I sit there every time with the biggest smile on my face because it's so cool - we hang a screen (well - 2 shower curtains stitched together) from the deck canopy & sit out in the yard under the stars & watch a movie on an 11 foot screen. It's like the drive-in, but better! Saturday's feature was Alice in Wonderland.
It was chillier this weekend than it has been recently, so we were happy to have a fire to warm up around.
My sister Becky with Matt, keeping warm and bug free while watching the movie
We killed some time leading up to the 9pm movie (not dark enough until then right now) having some outdoor fun  - Sarah was thrilled to catch some fireflies all by herself, and had fun naming them girly names :) ....
William trying to set bubbles on fire.

Sarah pretending to be Tweety Bird
In an effort to give our kids something new to do outside, Matt had purchased a slack line . Supposedly you can eventually walk across it & even do tricks, but none of us are having much luck so far - the trees are pretty far apart, which makes it more difficult.

Jason and John in one of the moments they weren't fighting over something
Matt doing his favorite thing, entertaining people and making drinks!
Connie this is for you :)
I went a little crazy buying lanterns for the fire pit this spring, but I love them :)

Evie and my mom

We really had a fabulous weekend & I'm so glad they were able to come down. My niece Emma is staying with us for the week & I'm driving her home next weekend, so we'll be busy here having more fun I hope. I know Evie's going to love having her here :)
Matt picked up some Loony Tunes DVDs at Costco recently, and this weekend after we took down the baby swing & put up a bar in its place, I found Sarah pretending to be Tweety Bird. If you can, turn up the volume to hear her singing - she's my singer (especially in the bathroom when she doesn't think anyone can hear) and I'm amazed that she remembers the whole song. Silly girl :)


  1. WOOT! Thanks! What a cute pic of Matt!

    That outdoor movie looks like so much fun! We love Alice in Wonderland.

    I love the hydrangeas!

  2. I've wanted to do outdoor movies for ever! What do you use project it and the sound?

    Love the lanterns and the hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  3. Looks fantastic!! We are planning a float-in movie around the pool and were wondering if we needed to go buy one of those inflatable screens. I love your idea of the shower curtains -- we may try it! Great pics!

  4. I Love it!! It looks like so much fun fun fun!!!


  5. What a gorgeous back yard. We did a camping party at the house and watched a movie that went with the theme outside. (Used a king sheet on the wall.) It was so much fun. I would love to do it monthly and invite different people over, however, at the time we used a school projector that is now mounted. My question is the same as Shawn's.


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