Monday, June 13, 2011

Some trivial stuff, and Glee, Live!

My kids are heading into the home stretch of the school year here, and are VERY excited to be finished on Wednesday! I'm pretty excited too - soccer is over, Sarah's finished preschool, and when Evie and William are done, the daily influx of school papers will STOP for a while. Maybe I can get caught up a bit then :)

A few things we did in the past few days:

I finally made homemade lemonade with William. He's been asking me to buy lemons to do this for weeks, and I actually did buy them a little bit ago, but we didn't get around to doing it until today. Matt was going to take them to the pool but a thunderstorm rolled in just as they were getting ready so we had chips & salsa, lemonade for the kids, and drinks for Mom and Dad!

William and Evie helped me squeeze six lemons, and then he mixed it with 2 quarts of water and 1 cup of sugar - poured over ice, it was one of the best things I've tasted in a long time! Fresh stuff really does taste better, if you have 20 minutes to kill squeezing lemons :)
Matt discovered a new iphone app, called Half Tone. He had some fun making cartoons of me and the kids. I haven't played around with it yet, but just IMAGINE the possibilities!!
And Thursday night last week my Gleek friends and I went into DC to see Glee Live at the Verizon Center! Now I have to say, a night out with these girls would have been fun no matter what we did, but we really had a great time at the show. Aside from the sauna that is the Orange Line metro on a 102 degree day, everything went according to plan - we got into the city around 5:30, and headed to Rosa Mexicano for dinner and drinks before the show at 7:30. Given that we'd called to make reservations the day before & were told they didn't have any, we weren't sure we'd get a seat, but happily the back bar had space for us to settle in to chat, dine and wait.
Kerri, Me, and Michelle
First I will say - if you live ANYWHERE NEAR one of these restaurants, you must go. And if you don't, try to find a reason to visit a city that has one! Oh my heck - Sangria by the pitcher, fresh-made guacamole (they make it right in front of you if you're lucky enough to sit in the dining room), and yummy yummy margaritas. I'd go back to DC just to eat there, as my salad and Crab Empanadas were amazing. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it :)

Your friendly bartender
A bit after 7, we headed over to get our seats, and proceeded to wait. And wait. and wait. 7:30 came and went, and then the lead-in act came out, The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. Maybe I'm too old to appreciate them, but I didn't really get it. I think I'd rather have stayed at the bar and had one more margarita. Moving on!
Michelle, Kerri, and Susan
Finally, at 8:30, the show started! Everyone was in character throughout the show, and Sue Sylvester and Will Schuster made appearances via video, but the entire Glee club was there, as well as the Warblers :) I wish I'd tried taking flash pictures earlier in the show, as some of them were turning out decent, but of course it was sucking the life out of my battery which wasn't all the way charged. Hence I do not have a picture of Puckerman with his guitar singing Fat Bottomed Girls RIGHT IN FRONT OF US on the small stage :( But here's what I did get, in no particular order:

The show was really, really great and Britney (Heather Morrison) danced her tail off the entire night. Everyone else seemed to come and go, but she seemed to be on stage most of the night (it's no wonder she's in such fantastic shape!) After the encore, we headed out and decided to have a drink and let the crowds ease up on the metro before we headed back.
We are very very lucky we left when we did, because when we pulled into our station, they shut the lights out and said the trains were no longer in service. I really would not have wanted to call Matt to drive an hour to come get us at Midnight :)


  1. Sounds like so much fun - a night out with girls and my fav glee songs - jealous!!!! You saw Trotty Mouth LIVE!!!!


  2. It sounds like fun!
    I've never watched Glee though. Is that really weird?
    I'm so glad the influx of school papers is done for a while! There are SOOOO freaking many!

  3. Looks like fun! Boy that Rachel character has a GIANT mouth!

  4. How fun is that!! I didn't know the REAL glee people were in the show! they sing live or is it memorex?

    I'm making Sangria for Father's Day! If it's good...I'll give you the recipe.

    That app looks cool!

  5. Nick is so jealous you went to see Glee....


    he calls it "that gay show"...
    (from the mouth of the man who loves So You Think You Can Dance)


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