Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Sweetest Boy In All The Land; and some other stuff (per usual).

I'd love to say that when we named Jason, we hit the nail on the head - but from what I've seen, "Jason" doesn't really stand for anything, but first appears as a mythical character, Jason of the Argonauts. When we were telling friends what name we'd decided on, I distinctly remember Cheryl saying 'Jason - that's a bad boy name!' I have to say at the time I agreed, but hopefully we won't prove that one way or another for a very long time :)

My sweet boy, my bubbly-boo, little buddy - and whatever other silly names I come up with for him - might actually be the sweetest boy in all the land. He doesn't like to see anyone upset, and will go out of his way - at 3-1/2 - to make people happy (and apparently Matt, who swore baby 4 couldn't possibly be his, is now quick to point out all the traits Baby JJ has, such as this, that are JUST LIKE HIM!). Sarah and Jason, being 3 and 4 as they are, love to run down and grab the newspaper off the driveway, and whoever doesn't think to claim that prize first usually ends up in tears. Today, Jason spotted it and ran off to grab it - he heard Sarah crying, and called for her to come down, and then they each took an end and carried it up to the house together. Dare I say that if the situation had been reversed, I'd still be consoling Jason about his meanie sister?
Now, Jason does have his temper tantrums - he HATES having his pull-up changed (um, use the potty??) and not being able to play games on my phone to his heart's content can bring on some rage, but overall he's a pleasant, happy-go-lucky 3.
 I know I said recently that the babymoon was over, but I don't really think it ever ends, it evolves. This little boy still has a serious case of Mommyitis and I don't have a problem with that at all. The feeling is pretty much mutual.
Jason likes to walk behind me and hang on the pockets of my shorts - which is fine. What's not fine is when I'm wearing a skirt or dress (more often these days now that hot weather is here) and he's crawling under it or pulling it up. And lock up your daughters, because this boy has moves that must be innate, because no one taught them to him - a kiss from Jason isn't just a peck on the lips, it's a hand behind the neck that pulls you in close first, or two palms on your cheeks to make sure he has your attention.
 I could go on and on and on with Jason stories, and may one day yet, but suffice it to say that at 3-1/2, he is funny, charming, sweet and loving, and a genuine pleasure to have around. Which is exactly what we needed for number four :)
Sarah finished up preschool on Wednesday! It's official, summer break is beginning. And I can officially say that in 3 months, when Jason starts preschool, I will have 3 hours a day 3 days a week ALL TO MYSELF. I imagine I will just sit and enjoy the quiet for at least the first week of that. Anyway - the preschool had a little program Wednesday evening to promote the 3's and graduate the Pre-K's. I love to see them all singing their hearts out up there, because at this age, they all do SING.

Sarah is my singer, she always has something she's singing to herself (if in the house with everyone) or belting out (in the bathroom where she thinks no one can hear). They all did a great job singing 'This Little Light' - and I can't believe the year is over already!
and finally - I had a picture I was going to post here, but decided maybe it wasn't such a good idea. So I'll just say this: If, from behind you and to the right, it looks like you're sitting in the church naked, maybe you should wear a different top? Just a thought.

PS - I'm going to GLEE Live! tonight! Hopefully I'll have a story to tell next week :)


  1. GLEE Live! Fun!

    M just crawled into my lap and said...That's My Boyfriend!

  2. Awww, Jason is such a sweetie. I can see why he's your special little guy! I love when a small child has such a caring heart. Sometimes {not that I know from experience or anything} children tend to be so selfish, that it's refreshing to see them looking out for others and truly caring about others feelings.

  3. How adorable is your son!!!!

  4. He is so sweet! Your love for him just shines in this post and I can picture exactly who he is to a T.

    So precious!


  5. He is so sweet! Your love for him just shines in this post and I can picture exactly who he is to a T.

    So precious!



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