Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sheepish; Killer Dinosaurs Who Like Cheese.

This is William (circa 2008, aged 5). William likes money, video games, and math. (William likes math A LOT). He also likes sheep.
 My sister gave me a Gund "Comfy Cozy Lamb" as a baby gift before he was born. It sat on the rail of his crib until he was big enough to pull it off, and from thereafter was almost always with him. We called it Buddy.
William and Buddy, Fall 2003
William and Buddy, Fall 2004
William with Mom and Buddy, Fall 2005, during one of many ear infections

William with Buddy, finally passing out after tearing his room apart at nap time, Fall 2006             

For his birthday one year early on, I found this book & picked it up on a whim for him - he LOVED it. I'd find him sitting and looking at it, and for a while it was a staple at story time.
The story of Timothy the lamb, and Annabeth
Fast forward to today, and William still has Buddy, as well as a Webkinz lamb and sheep. He also steals Jason's Lil'Kinz lamb when he can, but Jason isn't too crazy about that. This spring, while making room in my closet for Matt's stuff, I tried to give William the lamb my parents gave to me on my 8th birthday - he asked me to save it for him until his 8th birthday this summer. Sometimes he really surprises me :) He was also very disappointed on his 1st grade field trip to the zoo to discover that they didn't have any sheep. Go figure.
I've been keeping an eye out for sheep prints, and so far have hung two fabulous ones up over his bunk bed. Laura was kind enough to send me a copy of the fabulous bandana-wearing sheep she'd taken a picture of....

...and the other one I'd found in a post at Jones Design Company. Emily's parents (I think) had taken this picture in Italy, and she had a print hanging in her office. She was kind enough to let me buy a copy for William, which he LOVES!

As with anything kid-related, who knows how long his love-affair with sheep will last? But of all the things a boy could be fond of, I think sheep are sweet :)
Wednesday morning I discovered Evie laying in bed watching a video she and William had recorded on her iPod while I was in Austin last month.Apparently they were doing 'Sheep Chat', and this was one episode. She kills me. Girl may just have a career in film ahead of her :) Or maybe not.


  1. That NEARLY made me cry.
    It looks great...I am so happy I took that photo, and that it found itself an awesome home.

  2. HA! Love the mating call!

    I need some tape. I hear this in my house a hundred times a day!

  3. That video is hilarious!
    I love that he loves sheep. It's sweet.

  4. Forget the song, we'll sing it later! Lol!

    I still have a stuffed mouse from when I was a kid. I just can't bring myself to get rid of it.

  5. Forget the song, we'll sing it later! Lol!

    I still have a stuffed mouse from when I was a kid. I just can't bring myself to get rid of it.

  6. I love sweet William - never met him but you paint him to be this sweet, loving boy!!!

    I am going to buy stock in tape - my kids go through it like it's water!!

    So fun!!


  7. Hilarious! I never knew that dinosaurs like cheese... :-) Hopefully there are more episodes of Sheep Chat to come!

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