Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Best Laid Plans...

Well, you know what they say! So I had big plans yesterday. I had done all the heavy cleaning last week, had a nice weekend visit with my sister, and I was all set Monday morning to tackle my projects for the week - updating MS Money, paying bills, starting our taxes, working on the collage project and recipe project...then the power went out for 10 minutes. No big deal, right? At least Jason's waffle was toasted, and Sarah and I had our hot cereal cooked. It was out for 10 or 15 minutes and Sarah was so excited when the lights came back on! I reset the microwave & stove clock, poured some coffee and went to my computer to check email. Jiggle the mouse, nothing happens. No amber light on the power button either. Press the button, nothing. Oh no! It is DOA. I feel like my arm has been lopped off.

No worries though, I have other projects to work on! I have a little ironing, I can work on the nightgown and robe for Evie's MyTwin doll, we can clean up the playroom in the basement! So I change all the sheets, start a load of laundry, and dry my hair. Then the power goes out again. For 2-1/2 hours. Oy. Thankfully I had not put the chicken in the crockpot for dinner, my hair was dry, and I had coffee! You know, the house is AMAZINGLY quiet without the power on. No furnace, refrigerator, computers, tv, no background static whatsoever. It was really nice! Of course my mind immediately went to all the things I couldn't do - pick up the basement, iron, and sew; but then I started thinking about how nice it would be to play with the kids & not be able to get distracted with other things for once! Sadly, my eyes kept drifting to the one clock that was working, wondering, when will it come back on? In time before all the food in the fridge spoils?

All was well until it came time to get William from preschool, and I realized the garage door opener wouldn't work. And all the cordless phones weren't working. And my cell phone was dead. So into the dark basement storage closet go I, to dig out the one corded phone we kept, so I could call Hubby to find out what to do to get the door up. Whatever did we all do without electricity?!

So the power came back on after lunch, the babies napped, and I was able to get some stuff done. Unfortunately, my PC (which Matt had just tuned up!) is still dead. No power whatsoever. So the taxes must wait (oh darn!) and I don't have access to any of MY files. And I am so desperate for the internet that I am crouching in front of the dinosaur that acts as our file server so I can share my sad tale with you :-) I am a child of our times.


  1. I know the feeling. It is like having your umbilical cord cut!

  2. That is a pain! When we lived in California the power was always going off with the blackouts. The worst is when it goes out in the middle of the night and the alarms don't work.

    Have a great night!


  3. So sorry about your crazy day yesterday!! And so happy that you're joining in!!


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