Monday, July 27, 2009

Are we there yet?

We have about 18 days until our beach trip - 18 painful, long days left. Stick a fork in me Summer, I am done. My bag of tricks for the pool has lost its appeal, the park no longer beckons for more than a few minutes. Evie is getting more and more 'creative' (and making bigger messes than ever) in her drive to entertain herself - either that, or she wants to do nothing more than stare at the television all afternoon (is that bad?). Everyone's just grating on each other more, and itching for some space - me especially. All four of them were up and about by 6:30 this morning, so no workout for me yet, I'm going to try to squeeze one in at naptime today - in between sanding and putting wipe-on poly on the last few pieces for my craft area (almost done!) I'm hoping Matt will help me move all the pieces downstairs this evening or tomorrow & get it set up, then I can take pictures and share! Once that's finished I will be left with one desk and 2 chairs to sand/paint/poly, hopefully BEFORE the beach. Because I'm done with that too. It's been seriously cutting into my blogging time :)


  1. cute border paper on your blog :)

    I am ready for school to start so I can get back into a routine. The kids are gerring along fine...I just tend to be lazy during summers and do a lot of nothin...other than play with the kids and clean up after everyone. No projects or anything. I need to finish and start some projects. So I am so ready for school/project time! I shall miss my little huggin' balls of energy though :)

  2. I can't wait to see your craft area! You still have the energy to do workouts after being up so early and chasing the kids around? You are a better woman than I. :)

  3. As always....August 1st if sneaking up on me and we haven't done half the things I wanted to do. I'm glad our trip is over though....and you know why. Wink Wink.

    Can't wait to see your craft area!

  4. Stick a fork in you... you're done?
    When you leave for the beach will you make like an egg and beat it? Will you make like a tree and leave?
    I can't wait to see your craft area.

  5. yeah.I am sort of there.getting closer to done...but not quite...the thought of school makes me want to use your fork and poke my eyes out.

    today we are going to the nursery (as in plants, not babies, oh good Lord, NOT BABIES!) doing laundry, going for a swim, and having a garden party. No idea what that means, or entails...probably dinner outside with new plants..but the kids are excited.

    What would I like to do today? Flea market shopping with an iced NOT happening, like, ever...

  6. You all just need to move up here near us, and you can go to the beach everyday!! Then we could run together at the crack of dawn every morning too....what a great plan! So when are ya movin??

  7. Hang on mom- summer is almost over!!!

    I just shipped my girlie off to her first sleep-away camp and I am thrilled to have a week with just the boys!!!


  8. I know what you are saying! Hold on, you can make it! Your beach trip sounds so fun!


  9. I'm on vacation countdown too...9 days...and I can NOT wait!

  10. We haven't even really had a Summer (weather wise) I'm sad we are midway through already!

    Can't wait to see your craft corner!


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