Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Many thanks to everyone who chimed in on the EA 'early american distressed pine' desk I found on Craig's List. I really appreciate everyone's thoughts on it! After looking at it and looking at it and looking at it some more (I even bought a chair to go with it, enough white primer for both the desk and chair, and looked at glass knobs for it), I just didn't think it would look quite right painted white, and I didn't think I could sand it enough to get the distressing to the point I'd be happy with. Matt knew I wasn't 100% convinced, and being the smart hubby that he is, he told me to go ahead and pick up this one for Evie from CL, which I did on Sunday - and I'm so glad I did!

This is a beautiful petite walnut desk that is in GREAT shape and was obviously lovingly cared for by the previous family who owned it. This was the 24 yo daughter's desk when she was growing up, and her Mom even WAXED it before I came to pick it up! I didn't even have to clean out the drawers at all, it was spotless. So this beauty went straight upstairs to Evie's room (after we moved some stuff around of course, thank you Matt!) and all she needs now is a pretty chair to match. The hunt continues!

So what will happen to the other desk? It's going black, and then into the boys' bedroom. After a trip to Lowes this morning we now have grey primer, black paint, poly for a top coat and some antique nickel knobs and drawer pulls. And I am convinced (this time) that it will look FABULOUS when it's finished. The best part of all? I have 2 sturdy, quality solid wood desks and one (questionable quality, but sturdy) chair for $205.


  1. woohoo! Can't wait to see the finished product! I LOVE the second desk!

  2. Great deal on the second desk.
    I know you're going a more traditional route with the desk for the boys, but how fun would it be to make your own drawer pulls from a Duplo block? Wouldn't really go with balck though. Never mind. A little creative belch there. Please excuse me.

  3. What a pretty desk. I love that it meant so much to the previous family. It is beautiful. And I can't wait to see the other desk when you are done!


  4. Ok- my desk-lovin' friend. I do like the walnut one- perfect for a little girl!!!

    Oh, Viv, I think the Dublo block handles would be awesome!!


  5. What a gorgeous desk! Fabulous find for sure!

  6. I love it...and I love your ideas for the other desk too!


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