Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Tag! I love tags - especially easy fun ones! I've seen this one around, and Becca from The Texas Darlings tagged me with it today - and if I don't do it right now, who knows when I'll get to it (I'm terrible, really). This is the '6th folder, 6th photo' tag and my photo takes us back to the beach, Ocean City New Jersey, in August of 2006.

Evie is not quite 5 in this photo, and I took Evie and William to visit my older sister & her family and my Dad while they were on vacation. This brings back memories, I was 7 months pregnant with Sarah, and Matt and I were leaving the following Saturday for our family vacation to Duck, NC with my younger sister. Ah, to only have 2 kids! (just kidding - although it was easier!)

Anyway - Evie LOVED this dragon on the carousel. She remembered it from our trip to OC, NJ two years before and she was SO excited to ride it again! We waited in line until it was our turn and she made a mad dash over to the dragon before anyone else could claim it. She was definitely in her happy place all through that ride. Good times!

Now I am to tag 5 friends:

Staci at Playing House
Mimi at Living in France
Laura at Piece of Cake
Bobbi at Bobbi in La La Land
Connie at The Young and The Relentless

Go visit them! They rock! and thank you Becca for this fun tag!


  1. I will do my best to follow through.....I am SO bad when it comes to TAGS and EVITES........I never seem to follow through.....it is the ADD in me

  2. That's a good picture! I love looking through random pics! : )

  3. How fun! I did this one a while back but I'll do it again!

  4. It is still easy peasy when I take only 3 kids to the store!!! My kids also love carousels too!

  5. Great photo! I love/hate being tagged... I have like 4 of them that I haven't responded to yet. But then, the fact that I can barely find time to READ anything that you all are writing should give me an excuse! I miss my blog friends.

  6. Ya know my kids sucked my equal librium from me. I cannot even watch a carousel without getting a little nauseous!

  7. very cute!!! I will get on this soon! Thanks for thinking of me!

  8. Your a great tag player!!!

    I hope you got my email

  9. I think it's always fun to remember the memories that come with a random picture.

  10. Cute picture of her. I love the grin.


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